Announcement of $ 4.5 Million Package for Indian students

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Melbourne : The state of Victoria, Australia has announced a $ 45 million relief package for all foreign students, including Indians, facing difficulties due to Corona virus infection.

This package will benefit more than 40,000 foreign students residing in the state. It is understood that each student will be given an amount of 1,100 Australian Dollars (US $ 716) as a state emergency cooperation package.

Making the announcement, state head Daniel Andrews said that foreign students are an important part of our education system, our economy and our community. How much they do for Victoria … They do not just give us through fees, but also participate in economic activities for our businesses and make our society vibrant and inclusive.

He said that due to this epidemic, the temporary jobs for foreign students have ended. The benefits of welfare schemes implemented by the Union Government have also not reached many people.

He said that the state was setting up a relief fund of 45 million Australian dollars to ensure that foreign students living in Victoria could buy the necessities and cope with the epidemic.

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