China Faces Strong Heat from US

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The World Health Organization has also accepted the corona virus originating from Wuhan in China and spreading all over the world. This is obviously a major setback for China.

New Delhi, May 09: Korana virus remains the biggest threat to mankind in the whole world. After America, Spain, Italy, where is the virus now spreading to Russia? America claims that this virus has been spread by China, it is the responsibility of spreading this virus. If China wanted, this disease could be stopped in the same country but it was done deliberately. Although China has been denying this claim since the beginning

What did the World Health Organization Say

Food Safety Junotic Virus Expert Dr. Peter Ben Ambarek of the World Health Organization (WHO) gave a press briefing in Geneva on Friday, revealing the big thing that Wuhan’s fat market has played in the spread of Korana virus infection, It is clear but what is the role in this direction and

More research is needed. Peter said that the virus came from somewhere else in this city or the virus went out of this market, this is the subject of research. But this question definitely arises that how much did the city play in the spread of Corona virus.

No Response to US Allegations

However, Peter did not respond to US accusations being made on China. Peter responded in its context, saying that the israel coronavirus took a year to let the world know that in 2012 the phalla virus is the source camel of murs (Middle East Receptory Syndrome). Similarly, investigation is yet to be done in the case of Corona, what is important at the moment is how to prevent the virus from spreading further. Let me tell you, the MERS virus was born in 2012 in Saudi Arabia and spread in the Middle East.

Regarding China, Peter definitely said that China has all the means of investigation and there are many qualified researchers. But sometimes it is necessary and also useful to discuss and collaborate with all groups and researchers, and with people from all over the world. Peter also stated the need for strict regulations for weight markets worldwide.

China’s Wuhan is responsible?

From the very beginning, the Wuhan weight market of China is under questions, it is from here that the corona is expected to spread. China had decided to close this market in January itself, as well as ordered a temporary ban on trade and consumption of wildlife. At the same time, Corona’s worst-hit US is continuously angry in this case, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has again said that there is evidence that the corona virus has spread from China’s Wuhan market. The US has also accused the World Health Organization of becoming a puppet of China.

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