Board Exam Preparation Tips: Every Board Topper definitely does these 5 tasks before the exam

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Board Exam Preparation Tips: There is not much time left for preparing for board and competitive exams. In such a situation, strengthen your preparation by mock test. Some tips from the Board Topper Interview will also be helpful for you.

New Delhi: Board Exams Preparation Tips: The round of examinations has started. Students engaged in preparing for Board Exams and Competitive Exams are under stress. In the year 2020, schools and colleges were closed due to Coronavirus infection and due to this, the students were completely dependent on online education only. In this case, most of the students in this session have strengthened their preparation by doing self study.

Preparation to be strong in a short time

If seen, now less than a month is left for the preparation of examinations. All the students are strengthening their preparation with the help of sample paper and papers of the past several years. If you too are going to sit for an exam in the year 2021, then these days you will be very upset. These special tips of board toppers will be useful to remove your problems related to the exam (Board Topper Interview). 99% of toppers definitely try them before every exam.

Papers from previous years will work

Whether the toppers were from the board exam or UPSC Topper, all of them had solved previous years papers before their exams. Actually, everyone believes that by increasing the old papers, the confidence is increased and this helps them to get a good score. The level of exam questions from old papers also makes sense. Also, there is an idea of ​​those questions or concepts, which were asked in almost every exam.

Look at the latest sample paper

Now the exam pattern changes almost every year. In such a situation, looking at the latest sample paper, the idea of ​​a new pattern is obtained and helps in better preparation. Blueprint of latest sample paper or paper is issued before most board or competitive exams. A few days before the exam, prepare according to them.

Attend mock test

Most of the toppers (Board Topper Tips) say that they have gained a lot from the mock test series. Talking about Board Exams 2021, Pre Board Exam can be treated as a mock test. There is a lot of difference between solving a leisurely paper at home and solving a paper in the real exam. After getting the copy, many important information (like roll number etc.) has to be filled and it also takes time to do this work.

During exam, the room inspector can also interrogate you during the exam and in this too some of your time may be wasted. You should be prepared in advance for every kind of situation. This will be possible only when you solve as many mock tests as possible.

Preparation is special 1 day before the exam

Preparation a day before the exam is also very important. Do not pick any new topic on this day, only revise the topics or concepts that you are completely sure about. Do not take too much stress and keep an eye on important topics.

Exam day preparation

There is no need to read new topics in stress or on anyone’s talk on the day of exam. Whatever has been left, now let it be. However, it is important to look into some other small but most important things related to the exam (Board Exam Preparation Tips). Nobody will tell you these things.

1. On the first day of the exam, reach the Examination Center before the time. This will help you find the center and class.

2. Double check the required documents like Aadhar Card and Admit Card.

3. In 15 minutes reading time, read all the instructions given in the paper very carefully.

4. Before starting the paper, make a strategy of time management.

5. Do not waste much time on wrong or extremely difficult questions.

All the best. Along with studies, take care of your diet and sleep too.

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