Education Ministry’s New Instructions to Schools

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The Union Ministry of Education has formulated a policy for the safety of students in schools. This policy is to keep the students safe from any

Education Ministry Instructions to School: The Union Ministry of Education has formulated a policy for the safety of students in schools. This policy is to keep the students safe from any harassment, bodily injury and mentally. In this initiative of the Center, all the states, union territories, CBSE boards and other state education boards of the country will also be part of this policy.

In order to provide safety to the students on its campus, the school has to focus on several important points. The school administration will have to ensure the establishment of safe infrastructure in the campus. There should be no negligence in the level of food and water provided in the school premises. In case of delay in providing medical aid to the students, it will be the responsibility of the school.

If there is negligence in redressal of complaints of harassment or any other problem by the students, then it will also be the responsibility of the school administration. It is the responsibility of the school to prevent discriminatory action, drug use on campus. Schools will have to ensure that there is no negligence by the school administration on any of these subjects, if this happens, then the recognition of the school can be canceled under the new guidelines.

According to the new guideline, the school management and the principal will be responsible for the safety of the students in the school. Parents are expected to follow the guidelines. The Education Department will check the compliance of the guidelines.

According to the Ministry of Education, schools will have to support, disseminate, track and encourage these guidelines to be implemented. The Ministry of Education says that schools that do not follow the rules or are negligent in these rules can be fined. Since in case of more seriousness, the recognition of schools can also be cancelled.

Santosh Kumar Yadav, Secretary (School Education), Union Ministry of Education, has apprised various states and union territories about this new school safety and security guideline of the country. At the same time, a new school safety and security guideline has also been sent to CBSE board and education boards of various states, which play an important role in school education. In fact, under the new education policy, this guideline will provide physical, emotional and psychological security to students in schools.

The Union Education Ministry has clearly stated that as long as the child is in school, the responsibility of safety will be with the school. In such a situation, if it is found that wilfully causing unnecessary mental, physical pain to a student, then it will be considered as a serious lapse towards the safety of the student.

These guidelines set by the Union Ministry of Education will be followed by all government and private schools in the country. Government and private schools will be required to provide physical, social, emotional and psychological security to the students along with studies.

This guideline has been made keeping in mind the incident of death of a student 4 years ago in a private school in Gurugram. On the petition of the student’s father, the Supreme Court had suggested the preparation of guidelines. A complaint can be made to the local education officer against the schools not following the rules. In the absence of satisfactory action, the District Education Officer and DC will investigate the matter.

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