Bharti Singh’s look changed after losing 15 kg, fans are surprised

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In the past, actress Shahnaz Gill has surprised everyone with her weight transformation, while Laughter Queen Bharti Singh has surprised the fans with the recent weight loss. Actually, Bharti Singh’s look has completely changed after the weight transformation. After losing 15 kg, now she is making fans crazy with her new look. Let me tell you the whole news…

These days Bharti Singh is surprising her fans with new photos after her weight loss on social media. Bharti Singh is winning the hearts of fans in every outfit from Indian to Western. Bharti Singh is seen flaunting her look after losing 15 kg.

Recently, Laughter Queen has revealed in an interview that she is losing weight through intermittent fasting. Actually, she does not eat anything from 7 pm to 12 am the next day, due to which her weight is decreasing. Although she also exercises and due to this, today her weight has increased from 96 to 78 kg.

In reality shows these days, Bharti is making fans crazy with her figure. By wearing fitting dresses, she is not only praising the celebs but also the fans. Fans are making his photos viral on social media, due to which he is in the headlines these days.

After the weight loss, Bharti Singh’s confidence has increased a lot, which can be gauged from her looks instead. At the same time, she is seen competing with the actresses with her fashion.

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