Dhoni’s Beard turned white in lockdown, people says, our lion is getting old …

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During the lockdown of Dhoni (Dhoni), a new look is becoming quite viral on social media. Dhoni looks quite old in his new look.

Please tell that Dhoni is present in his hometown Ranchi at this time. Recently, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi shared a video on Instagram with Dhoni in which he was seen playing in the farmhouse with Jeeva. Now that this old look of Dhoni has become viral on social media, people have started comparing him to Shahid Afridi, a 40-year-old Pakistani cricketer. On social media, people are praising Shahid Afridi’s look, while there, Dhoni is surprised to see this look.

Especially Dhoni’s fans are not ready to believe that Mahi has become so old. Fans have also shown their desperation by watching this look of Dhoni. Fans feel that their lion is growing old now. Explain that at this time, the havoc of Coronavirus is wreaking havoc all over the world. In such a situation, the IPL has been postponed.

Due to the postponement of the IPL, cricket fans have not been able to see Dhoni returning to the cricket ground. It is significant that Dhoni is out of the cricket field after the 2019 World Cup semi-final. Dhoni’s fans were hoping that Mahi would return once again in the IPL, but unfortunately due to COVID-19, the fans are disappointed. Let us know that during the lockdown Dhoni is spending all his time with family.

Let us know that T20 World Cup is to be played in October. In such a situation, cricket pundits believed that Dhoni’s selection in the T20 World Cup team would depend on how he could perform in the IPL. However, before Coronavirus’s havoc, CSK team had organized a practice camp in view of the IPL, in which Dhoni also practiced a lot. Fellow cricketer Suresh Raina had said in an interview that, Dhoni is fully fit and from the way he was batting, it was found that there is a lot of cricket left in him.

Apart from all this, former Australia and Chennai Super Kings batsman Michael Hussey called Dhoni a big player and said that Dhoni is a batsman who has different ways to play every bowler.

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