Not Hrithik Roshan-Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone will become the main villain in Dhoom 4!

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Whenever big franchisees are talked about in Bollywood, the name of Dhoom series abounds. This journey started in 2004 is still a favorite of the fans and every part of it earns a record at the box office.

Now after Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Dhoom 3, the discussion about Dhoom 4 has also intensified. The role of Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra in the film is always considered to be a fix, to see who will become the villain.

 The film for which names like Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh were appearing earlier, now the shocking news has come out. According to a news portal, Deepika Padukone has beaten these veterans.

The makers of Dhoom 4 have made up their mind that they are going to cast a female for the first time as a villain. Preparations are being made to take Deepika Padukone in this mega budget film.

It is being told that Deepika will be seen as a stylish thief in Dhoom 4. If this news proves to be true then it can become the game changing moment of the career of the actress.

If we talk about the first part of Dhoom, then it was released in 2004. Then John Abraham did a fantastic job in the role of Villain. In that period Dhoom was considered ahead of time and out of the box in the story.

Then after two years of waiting, the makers and Dhoom 2 were brought on a large scale. In the film, the Greek God of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan was cast. This time, Aishwarya Rai was also shown in the negative role.

After this there was a long wait and the makers served Dhoom 3 among the fans. This film is considered to be the most successful part of the series. Aamir Khan did wonders in the film, but at the box office too, this film had set different flags of success.

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