Now this actor will complete Irrfan khan’s incomplete film

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Irrfan may not be with us any more, but we may get to see some Irrfan movies in the coming times.

New Delhi: Veteran actor Irrfan Khan, who was acting with his eyes in Bollywood, is no longer with us, but his memories are with us forever. Irrfan Khan died on 29 April. Irrfan may not be among us, but we may get to see some Irrfan movies in the coming time. Ishara Tumbbad (Anand Gandhi) director of the film has done this thing.

According to our sources, director Anand Gandhi started preparing to write a film on a subject similar to the corona virus epidemic. The director was writing this film with Irrfan Khan in mind. The script of the film was in the works for the past 5 years, but Irfan Khan’s death has given a big shock to director Anand Gandhi. Anand Gandhi said, “We were earlier trying to tell the true form of the epidemic through the film. But now it is between us. Now I don’t have to convince people about it. That is why we will have to make some changes in the script of the film again. Now we can take the audience straight to the next level and talk about the life after the epidemic. ‘

Anand has named his project as Emergency in the beginning. The director has now also told which actor he is going to cast in this film after Irrfan Khan. He told that he is now going to cast Sushant Singh Ranjput in this film. Apart from this, he is also going to cast Australian actor Hugo Weaving in this film. Director Gandhi said, ‘It is very sad that it took me so long to complete this story. I wanted Irrfan Khan to be in this film. Now that he is not among us, Sushant is a very good friend. That is why I think that they will definitely work with me whatever I make. Apart from this, I also have a desire to cast Australian actor Hugo Weaving in my mind. Apart from this, I also want 4 actresses in the story, who will be in the lead role. ‘

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