Salman Khan admits being a Bajrangbali Bhakta

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Bollywood’s Dabang Khan i.e. Salman Khan does not want to write his biography. Why? He has given the reason for this in just one line. His father Salim Khan, who was present with Salman at an event, had even promised to help him write a book on Salman Khan, but Salman was not ready.

Salman Khan was present with his father at an event when he was asked if he would like to write his biography. So, Salman did not do it immediately. His fans will definitely know two things from the reason given behind this. First he does not lie and second he is a devotee of Bajrangbali.

Salman Khan had also proved this by doing the film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, but in a conversation with ‘Movie Talkies’, he also told that he is a devotee of Bajrangbali.

When Salman Khan was asked about the biography, his father present there asked the reporter to write Salman’s biography for him. Salim Khan said that he has a lot of material about Salman.

Salman kept laughing at his father’s words and later said that no, he does not want his biography to be written.

Salman said that he is a devotee of Bajrangbali and he cannot lie. There will be a lot of lies in the biography, so it is not possible.

When Salim Khan was asked when Salman would get married, he also clearly said that even Allah Mian does not know the answer.

Salman Khan said that how funny it is that people are so desperate to know about his life.

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