Shuffle Play feature coming to Netflix, will help save time

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Shuffle play option will be given in Netflix. This will save your time. Usually, users take time to find a favorite show or movie on Netflix.

After watching series and movies on Netflix, many times it happens that you wonder what to see next. After this, the search for a good series or film starts. The new feature of Netflix can help you in this.

Actually Netflix is ​​testing a new feature called Shuffle Play. As you can understand by the name, this work will also do the same. A Shuffle button will be provided in the Movies and TV Shows interface. It will be on the home screen only.

After selecting the shuffle play option, Netflix will adjust you to TV shows or movies according to your watch history and interest. According to the report, this option is currently visible in the Netflix TV app.

This Netflix option will appear in the left side of the home screen interface. Netflix will adjust the show itself as soon as you tap here. It is currently being tested and it is not clear when it will be launched final.

Some users have posted screenshots on social media in which this feature can be seen. Although it will be only for TV app or it will be for mobile and web, it is not clear.

It is worth noting that recently Netflix has launched its interface in Hindi. Netflix has become increasingly popular in India and in view of this, the company has given support of Hindi not only in India but on the Global Netflix platform.

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