What did Aamir Khan say on the matter of donating money by hiding in bags – social media

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Lockdown is going on due to Corona virus infection in the country and in the midst of this lockdown many people are also helping the poor and destitute people, whether they are government organizations, social organizations or film personalities.

From Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, all the big and small artists have helped in one way or the other.

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media, in which it was shown that people are being given by placing notes in bags of flour.

It was being claimed that Aamir Khan has done this. But now this news has come out as a rumor and it has turned into a rumor by Aamir Khan himself. Amir Khan has taken to Twitter to refute this rumor.

He said that he is not the person who is distributing the money. He said, “Friends, I am not the person with money in the bags of flour. Either this is a completely fake story or Robinhood does not want to reveal its name. Be safe.”

In this video made on Tiktok, it was shown that Aamir Khan filled the truck and sent wheat flour. The video claimed that the truck arrived in Delhi on April 23 among the poor.

Some people refused to take the packet, because they thought what would happen with one kilo of flour, but the video claimed that they were surprised when they opened the packet at home. 15000 rupees cash was released from each packet.

Some other similar video clips were also being shared on social media with the claim that Aamir Khan has found a unique method of donation.

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