When Hundreds of Arrows hit Bhishma Pitamah, Scene Shot Completed in 24 Hours

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In the Mahabharata of BR Chopra, many memorable scenes have been seen, which can make anyone’s hair stand. But even today, the most effective scene of Mahabharata is when the death of Bhishma Pitamah is prepared through the arrows.

In the Mahabharata, Arjuna showered arrows on Bhishma Pitamah. He prepared the bed of his arrows. But the scene where you feel so much pain, in fact, Mukesh Khanna did not even get any injury.

Mukesh Khanna has explained that scene in detail. The whole day was spent shooting the scene. Need to be praised by the late Ravi Chopra and his team. Every single arrow was dropped by a wire on me. Every one I caught, gave a rejection of the look. The front half, the back arrow was screwed on the casing worn under my dress. Then the arrow kept moving throughout the day and kept moving.

By the way, what Ravi Chopra said about Mukesh Khanna in an interview, he had said, “Obviously we could not cross the arrow, so we made plates. On half of the plates, we put the lower part of the arrows and put him (Mukesh Khanna) over it. Under his clothes we used to put another plate in which there was a place to shoot arrows.”

Ravi Chopra had also told that it took a long time to shoot this scene. So much hard work was done for this scene that every arrow, and the arrows would look real. It has also been said that Mukesh Khanna was never injured during the shoot of this scene.

 In Mahabharata, Mukesh Khanna was very much liked as Bhishma. From his dialogue delivery to his gesture, he brought Bhishma alive on the small screen. He is still widely praised for that character.

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