Changing Fashion Trends with Changing Lives

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Coronavirus has brought so many changes in our lives, in our day to day habits, in our social habits and even in our appearances. Earlier, we used to go out freely and didn’t care if our faces are covered to protect from pollution or our hands are covered to get protection from germs. But now, it’s made mandatory to cover hands with gloves and face with a mask before stepping out even in our nearby locality.

Seeing the current scenario, it’s easy to assume that things are going to continue for a long time. We have to make these hand gloves and face masks a part of our life and fashion.

In fact, many designers are working on designer masks. As we cannot go everywhere with the medical masks and some people think wearing masks brings down their fashion sense, so a number of persons and organisations are putting in their creativity to design masks for different occasions and professions as per everyone’s comfortability.

Keeping this in mind, design experts have made a variety of masks like—printed masks, solid colored masks, embroidered masks, theme-based masks. Although some people have designed masks which are unusual and are just for aesthetic purposes, some designers have worked on masks keeping every aspect in mind – safety, comfortability and fashion. Websites such as- Amazon, Myntra, Etsy etc. are selling a variety of designer masks for different age groups and occasions.

Masks for Children 

One of the major issues that almost all parents are getting is that their kids are not ready to wear masks because they don’t like it and they find medical masks uncomfortable as well. To solve this issue, famous e-commerce brands like- Huntees Sponge, Bob shop, Etsy, Arm the animals, Disney, Hot topic, Maskclub, Serengetee etc. are selling masks with designs that can attract children. Disney, Huntees and others are selling masks with cartoon character prints and 3D effect prints which grab kids’ attention. These masks make kids look like the cartoon characters. That’s why they love and they really enjoy wearing it. These masks are also met with all the medical requirements. Hence, they are absolutely a good option to look out for!

Masks for Women 

Women, who are known for fashion and who are gifted to explore a variety of fashion in the world, are very particular about using masks also that would match their looks. To make the situations convenient for ladies, brands like: Etsy, Shein, The house of Perna, Rendall and co., Werkshop, Stitch Room etc. make designer masks available for women. These masks come in a variety of prints like: floral prints, polka prints, zig-zag prints etc. in different fabrics and colors. Some designers are even designing masks that match their bridal costumes.

Masks for Men 

Though men have limited fashion options but even they can follow up with the trends.,, Rendall and co.,, etc. are selling masks for men designed in denim or felt fabric which can be paired with formal as well as casual wear.

Masks for Occasion 

Recently a picture of Assamese bride n groom wearing masks went viral on social media and gained a lot of views and appreciation. The duo wore matching silk handloom face masks in their wedding ceremony. The bride’s mask especially caught a lot of attention which had embroidered motifs and tassels attached. The mask designer said that she wanted to popularize the idea of reusable fabric masks so that medical masks can be available for medical staffs in larger quantity. In this concern, many designers are working on wedding face masks which can be used for bride and groom as well as the other guests. The online e-commerce website Etsy has a large variety of designer masks in different fabrics ranging from normal cotton masks to embroidered and lace masks. Etsy sellers say -“No one knows till when we are in this and we have to take precautions so people are accepting the idea of wearing masks for every occasion that can go with their looks.”               One more important concern is that according to the medical experts not everyone is supposed to wear any type of mask they want. The COVID-19 patients are only allowed to wear good quality masks, which hardly permit microorganisms to get through. People with general issues are advised to wear surgical masks or multi layered masks. Home-made or normal cotton foam masks are more permeable to germs than medical masks; although people who are all healthy and safe, can use these masks in their day-to-day life.

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