Fashion Designers Make Masks in Place of Outfits

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The whole world is troubled by the havoc of Corona. The only way to avoid this at present is a lockdown, because of which people come and go and many work is stopped. The lockdown has an impact on the entertainment world as well and all types of events, etc. have been cancelled. In such a situation, fashion designers have a chance to help people in fighting this epidemic, in which they are seen contributing.

In fact, to avoid this epidemic, people have been mandated to wear masks and follow social distancing when they get out of their house. Many researches have revealed that even easily washable masks have been able to protect against this virus. Those should be washed thoroughly after wearing. Many fashion designers have engaged their artisans in making masks so that war against Corona can be strengthened.

Fashion designer Anita Dongre teaches craftsmanship to women in villages in Maharashtra and makes them employable. In such a situation, when the events and programs around the world are canceled, then these artisans have faced their livelihood crisis. In such a situation, these artisans have been entrusted with the task of making masks.

However, these designers are distributing these masks from villages to hospitals, NGOs and people. Anita Dongre told that 24 artisans are making seven thousand masks daily and distributing it to the needy. The most important thing is that these masks are reusable. On the special request of some villages and hospitals, masks are being sent.

Designers like Masaba Gupta are also distributing masks to their artisans so that people can be helped and corona can be avoided. Many fashion stores are engaged in this work not only in the country but also abroad and distributing masks.

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