Fashion is now not the monopoly of only ‘Fair and Lovely’

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When we hear the word FASHION, the first thing that comes to mind is a conventionally beautiful girl decked up in a beautiful outfit. We have limited our fashion sense to that: to look PERFECT!!

Fashion is the embodiment of beauty and fantasy.

Aesthetically, fashion represents the relentless human quest for creative combinations of color, shape, and material. Infusing human creativity with aesthetic imagination, fashion design makes men and women look endlessly appealing with the constant emergence of new fashion trends. But this quest for beauty and fantasy does not come without cost. Rather, to stay in fashion, one needs to ceaselessly acquire new items defined by the latest fashion trends.

Fashion is all about change

According to standard definition, fashion is prevailing style of dress and behavior at a given time. The definition itself reflects fashion is all about change. According to George Simme, “Fashion is a form of imitation and so of social equalization.  It unites those of a social class and segregates them from others.”

While in old days standard or hourglass body shapes were preference for fashion models, recent days has changed this notion. During the early 1900s plus size fashion was introduced. Plus size fashion or curvy fashion is specifically designed for people larger than the average or standard size. Recently many actresses and models in India are promoting plus size fashion like comedian Bharti Singh, famous television actress Anjali Anand who did a ramp walk to promote her show based on the same concept and Ishleen Kaur Sethi. There are many series and movies made too to appreciate women who are stout or belong to the plus size category.

Fashion is going through revolutions

Apart from plus size clothing, another major change in fashion industry is inclusion of tribal people or lower caste people. Fashion is no more about just fair,high class or beauty icons, known popularly as Indian Rihanna model Renee kujur belongs to a scheduled tribe of Chhatisgarh. She works for designers like Chetan Chiller and Vijay Balhara. She walked on the ramp on India Runway week and Asian designer week.She was felicitated by FDCI at India couture week Gala.

And the most recent and revolutionary change in fashion and cosmetic industry is regarding fairness creams. Earlier only fair skin toned women were considered perfect and beautiful but now things have changed. Recently after mass opposition, the famous fair and lovely brand changed it’s name to “glow and lovely” People are becoming more accepting towards different skin colored models.

So why and how does fashion change after all? First of all from earlier times to now. technology has developed. More people have come up with ideas to promote themselves globally. The common masses are getting exposed to various lifestyles, celebrities, musicians, inspirations that is developing their fashion sense. Designers are making the products whether it is inspired from natural beauty or tribal section or folk arts as per demands. So basically there is no limit for fashion,  “WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AND UNIQUE, IS YOUR STYLE.”

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