Skin Care Face Wash Alternative

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These two methods are a great option to wash face again and again, keeps away dryness and keeps glow. Also, neither time is spent nor much money is spent.

Due to the sweat and stickiness on the skin, it feels like washing it again and again and it has to be done for a fresh look. Especially for those who are in field jobs or travel most of the time, summer and humid weather can be very troublesome. In such a situation, it is not possible to wash the face again and again and it is also difficult to tolerate the feeling of stickiness. Here are some easy solutions for this.

Use rose water

Frequent washing of the face increases dryness in the skin. Along with this, the use of moisturizer and sunscreen is also necessary after washing the face. In this case the cost also increases. An easy way to avoid both these problems is to use rose water spray instead of washing your face again and again.

Spray bottles of rose water are easily available in the market and they are also easy to carry. Keep in the pocket of your bag and spray on face if needed. After that clean your face with a cotton handkerchief. You will get instant freshness.

Green tea is very beneficial

• Prepare a cup of green tea before you leave the house. Then keep it to cool down. After this fill it in a spray bottle and clean the face with it if needed.

• Anti-oxidants and nutrients found in green tea also keep your skin hydrated and also prevent heat burns. By using it, your skin remains tight and glowing.

Saffron water

• Take a cup of filter water or mineral water from a cup of tea before sleeping at night. Now put two leaves of saffron in it and keep it in the fridge. Eat saffron leaves in the morning and fill this water in a spray bottle. Then whenever needed clean the skin with this water.

• By using saffron water in this way, your skin will remain clean and your complexion will also improve. If you want, prepare two cups of this water, use one cup as a spray and drink one cup of water as a morning drink. Like Mira Rajput drinks.

Use of basil leaves

• You can also use basil leaves to make a healthy, safe and effective home spray for your skin. For this, when you wake up in the morning, first take a cup of water and add 3 to 4 basil leaves and cook the water on low flame for 2 to 3 minutes.

• When the water boils well, then turn off the flame and let the water cool down. Then filter this water and fill it in a spray bottle and use it when needed. This method is especially beneficial for those people who have a lot of problem of acne on their skin. Because Tulsi water is very effective in removing this problem of yours.

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