Tribal Fashion is gaining popularity in mainstream Fashion

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There is never ever “enough clothes in an individual’s wardrobe. People always want to try something new when it comes to fashion. Fusion and experimentation is an important element of fashion. The recent addition to this trend is introduction of tribal fashion.

India has a rich tribal culture and its huge popularity is like tribal fashion is getting a makeover. Tribal prints and products seem to attract a lot of fashionistas, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities which in turn influenced normal people.

Tribal fashion gives a unique sense

Apart from tribe inspired tattoos or piercings, tribal prints give a simple yet unique feel to the garment. It also has a touch of nature which surely attracts people. Many designers work keeping nature in mind as nature ultimately provides a huge variety of designs and is also soothing to the eyes.
This incredible tribal fashion gives a different look and a wild touch of fashion to girls. The tribal fashion trends hit stores this season. Playing with tribal makeup and some animal prints clothes are a great way to capture the huntress spirit. In most of the fashion shows tribal design cloths are the center of attraction.

Tribal Fashion is inspired by Nature

Not only clothing but broaches, earrings, belts, watches, shoes and what not can be used in tribal fashion. These things are hugely inspired by nature such as beaded flats or feather earrings, or jewelry clips, made of bone, wood or ivory.

In order to promote this tribal fashion, a fashion show event was organized in Bhubhaneswar by SC/ST department of Odisha alongwith State tourism department. This event known as “Tribal queen or Adi rani” aimed at promoting tribal cultures, fashion and food across the participants of different tribes from all over the country were invited to join the event.

Padmashree Tulsi Munda was the ambassador of the event who works for the upliftment of the backward communities. Talking about the initiative, Chidatmika Khatua member of the organizing committee said, “This is one of a kind initiative which aims at promoting that woman of substance is much more than just good looks.”

This year February YMCA New Delhi organized a ramp walk for various tribal people across the country. Twenty-five pairs walked on the ramp, displaying traditional costumes of their respective tribes from across the country. The focus was on the traditional attire of the participants, coming from diverse tribes such as Toda in Tamil Nadu, Kharia, Munda, Santhal in Jharkhand, Gorkha, Thadou and Zelliangrong and Lothar Tribe from Nagaland. A packed house of about 1,000 spectators enjoyed the rich culture of India.

“The fashion show was a new feature added to the Tribal Festival this year and I am happy that it has proved a grand success,” said Norris Pritam, chairman of the Programme and Tribal Committee of YMCA,New Delhi.

Apart from this, model Renee Kujur (also known as Indian Rihanna) who belongs to a tribal community of Chattisgarh is a face of change and promotion of tribal fashion in India.

The main motive of this fusion fashion is to uplift and promote tribal cultures as well as to introduce something new to the fashion crazers.

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