5 Amazing Gift Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day during this Lockdown

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Every year when Mother’s Day approaches, each time we ask ourselves the same question, what to gift to our mom this year. While buying a gift we need to take care of our mother’s choice. Therefore we usually start thinking about Mother’s Day gift several days in advance. However, this year things are not the usual as Coronavirus has completely changed the way we live, celebrate, and share. Amidst lockdown, it has become difficult to go to the store to buy some presents for her, order something online, book a dinner, or plan an outing. So then you might be wondering what to gift your mother this year. We have come up with five amazing gift ideas so that you can make this Mother’s day memorable for your mom during this lockdown period

1.Handmade Mother’s day card

Gifting a card may sound a boring and old option but it is one of the easiest things to bring a smile on your mother’s face. So this year, when you’re in the house practicing social distancing, try to make a card on your own. Nothing can beat the value of the effort that you will put in to make this card. Opt for colors or design which she likes, write some lines to express your love. You don’t need to be an artist, painter, or good at drawing, the time and love that you will put is what matters.

2. Cook a Meal or Bake a Cake for her

All the year-round our mothers are busy preparing the food we like. But seldom have they got a chance to enjoy a meal where they can relax and chill. So if you’re with your mother on this special day, cook a meal for her. Try to include the dishes that she likes, maybe some of her favorites during childhood or a cake. If you’re not good at cooking take help from other family members. In case you’re alone then go online and view the recipe to cook a sumptuous meal for her.

3. Go through Old Albums and Videos

If you’re along with your mom, then try to make this Mother’s day memorable by going through some of your old pictures and videos. It will be a great thing to take a trip down the memory lane with your mother and relive those beautiful moments. In case, you both are not at the same place, you can send these pictures and videos online.

4. Online Celebration

During this lockdown period, when online exams and online studies are becoming the new norm, you can plan for an online celebration. So for this year, you can gather all your siblings and other family members virtually and spend some quality time together.

5. Pamper her with a Home Spa Treatment

While every year many of us gift spa coupons to our mothers so that they can have a relaxing Mother’s Day. However during this lockdown period, when spa and salons are closed, you can plan for a home spa treatment for her. This is a great option for daughters and mothers to spend the day together. Create a facial mask at home with the available ingredients or may be do a manicure and pedicure together.

These are some of the unique ways to make the most out of this lockdown period and make Mother’s day a memorable one. However, the common thread that combines all these gifting ideas is the effort and time you invest to express your love to your mom.

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