Amazon Owner wants to live for ever

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Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has always wanted to look young, he wants to be immortal. For this, he has also invested heavily in a company doing research on the human body. A company named Unity Biotechnology has been researching this for many years.

Every heart has the desire to stay young forever, the old kings and queens used to do many tricks to keep themselves young. Even in the modern era, there is always a desire to look young. New experiments are going on for this.

 Jeff Bezos made a big investment

There is a company named Unity Biotechnology, which is doing intensive research in this direction. This company has been doing research on the human body for many years. Obviously funding is also needed for this big research. This company has now got a big financier in the form of Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. After a huge investment in this research, there is a lot of speculation in the media about Jeff Bezos. It is being said about Jeff Bezos that he always wants to look young, he wants to be immortal. Let us tell you that Jeff Bezos is very enthusiastic about science fiction. Recently he also traveled to space.

 Doing Research on Reverse Aging

Start-up company Unity Biotechnology is doing research on preventing diseases that occur in the body with aging. Unity Biotechnology is also working on the cells of the human body, which are responsible for making a man look old.

Many industrialists of the world are investing money  

Talking to the media, Unity Biotechnology said that it is working on the technology of reverse aging. Altos Lab has been started to do research on this. Apart from Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, many big industrialists of the world have invested in Unity Biotechnology. Russian millionaire Yuri Milner and his wife Julia have also invested money in this company.

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