Huawei overtakes Samsung to become largest smartphone company: report

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The battle to become number-1 in the smartphone market has been going on between Samsung and Huawei for some time. According to the report, Huawei has overtaken Samsung in this quarter.

The Chinese company Huawei and Samsung have been racing for a few years to get ahead of each other. We are talking about smartphone business here. One or two years have been bad for Huawei and even now, in many countries, Huawei is not in good condition.

After America, even in Britain, Huawei has been banned for some time. From Canada to India, there are many problems with this company at the moment. The fat reason is about data. The US accuses that these companies share data with the Chinese government.

However, there is a relief news for Huawei from the smartphone market. Because the company has become the number-1 smartphone company by replacing Samsung. That is, Huawei is the largest smartphone maker in the world right now.

The worldwide lockdown regarding the COVID-19 outbreak has affected Samsung’s results. It is believed that there has been a 30% drop in Samsung from April to June. But the situation looks a bit different for Huawei. The damage is done, but probably less than Samsung.

Reports in some Chinese media have said that Huawei has become the world’s number-1 smartphone maker for the first time this quarter.

According to a report by Gizmo China, 81.9 million smartphones were shipped in May. Among them, Huawei’s market share stood at 19.7, while Samsung was second with 19.6%.

In April too, Huawei overtook Samsung in terms of market share. Because during this time Huawei’s market share was 21.4%, while Samsung held 19.8%.

Huawei’s shipments from April to June have been 55 million, while Samsung sold only 51 million handsets.

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