People heard the idea, they called him crazy, in 2 years, 2 lakh crore company was formed

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Poverty cannot be a hindrance for any hopeful person who seeks new opportunities while making difficulties his strength. Ideally, talented people have built a magnificent building of success on the basis of poverty and scarcity. In this materialistic world, lack of clothes for the body, a roof to live and two loaves of bread to eat is undoubtedly a sign of poverty but not trying to get out of such a bad situation is the biggest poverty.

Today we have brought the story of one such person, whose poverty had been knocked in his childhood, but he defeated the poverty on the basis of hard work and his ability, today he is included in the list of world’s most famous industrialists and philanthropists. You will not believe this person has done what could not be done by anyone else in the world.

Born and raised in a middle-class family in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district, Naveen Jain’s family was knocked down by disaster when his father refused to take bribes for rigging Indian construction projects. His father was usually an honest public servant who was turned into a refugee in his own country as a result of not accepting bribes. After this, their transfers started happening thrice a year and were often sent to remote areas.

Facing all the difficulties since childhood, Naveen kept the focus on his studies. Most of Naveen’s childhood was spent in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. He somehow managed to get an MBA from XLRI in business and human resources after pursuing an engineering degree from IIT Roorkee. After MBA, he got a job in a multi-national company and got a chance to go to America for training.

After working for a few years, Naveen laid the foundation of a company called Infospace to provide quick and instant information on cellular phones, using his experience properly. After working with his idea for two years, he made his idea public in 1998. Within a year thereafter, the valuation of the company reached $ 35 billion. Although his idea was crazy to some industry analysts, Naveen kept working on his project without worrying about anyone and proved that it was indeed a billion dollar idea.

The biggest hand in Naveen’s success is his self-confidence, which he always gives top priority.

Naveen says, “If you have the courage to trust yourself, then go ahead with your idea and never let your efforts go in vain.”

Infospace was his first successful venture, making him a renowned billionaire. Naveen never looked back after them. Naveen left his own company in 2002 due to some differences with the board within the company and in 2003 founded the US-based public records business Intellius. The company provides security information related services to consumers as well as big companies.

Recently Naveen has formed a company called Moon Express in association with a group of space entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. His company has been given permission by the US government to land his robot vehicle on the moon. The US Federal Aviation Administration has given permission to a private company for the first time to send a spacecraft to the moon and land it on the moon. This year, the company is about to send its vehicle to the moon.

Naveen belongs to a state in India, where every year there is a migration of crores of people in search of employment. But Naveen is changing the lives of thousands of people today, while achieving a magnificent place by his own ability. Through a social organization called Naveen Keros Society, financial and other necessary assistance is provided to entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and designers in 35 countries.

People like Naveen who may not even know a small part of our population, but because of their ability, are raising India’s stature on the global stage. Only such people have the power to make India a truly global superpower. We must take inspiration from their journey from zero to the peak.

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