Tine Munim and Anil Ambani—–Made for Each Other or marriage of Convenience?

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Who does not know about Tina Ambani, the wife of Anil Ambani, the younger daughter-in-law of the Ambani family? In the 80s, his name used to ring in Bollywood. She was a famous Bollywood actress. At the age of 21, he made his Bollywood debut with Dev Anand’s film Desh Pardesh. She had a long-term affair with Dhirubhai Ambani’s younger son and famous industrialist Anil Ambani. There were many obstacles in their marriage, but in the year 1991, both of them became each other.

In the headlines about love life

Tina Munim was very successful as an actress, but more than films, she remained in the headlines for her love affairs. At one time she had a vigorous affair with Sanjay Dutt.

Worked together in the film ‘Rocky’

Tina Munim worked with Sanjay Dutt in the 1981 film Rocky. It was the debut film of Sanjay Dutt. During the shooting of this film, the closeness between the two grew. Tina Munim was madly in love with Sanjay Dutt. But due to Sanjay Dutt’s addiction to drugs, she later turned away from him.

Affair with Rajesh Khanna

After Sanjay Dutt, Tina Munim had an affair with Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh Khanna was much older than Tina Munim. Both lived together for a long time in live-in, but did not get married. Rajesh Khanna did not divorce Dimple Kapadia.

 How did the affair with Anil Ambani start?

Anil Ambani first saw Tina Munim at a wedding function. Anil Ambani once said that he did not fall in love with Tina Munim at first sight. Tina came to the wedding wearing a black color saree. She found Anil Ambani very attractive, but there was no conversation between them in the marriage function.

Again met in America

After some time, Anil Ambani and Tina Munim met in Philadelphia, USA. There, one of his acquaintances introduced Tina and Anil. Then Anil Ambani proposed to Tina Munim to go somewhere. Tina was a big star at that time. He turned down this offer of Anil Ambani.

Meeting again

Tina Munim met Anil Ambani even later. In the year 1986, a niece of Tina Munim got this meeting done. During that time both of them talked in Gujarati language only. In an interview about this meeting, Tina Munim had told that she was very impressed by Anil Ambani’s simplicity and frankness. Perhaps the reason for this was that till now Tina Munim used to meet mostly people from film background. Then the affair started between Tina Munim and Anil Ambani.

Ambani family was not ready for marriage

Anil Ambani and Tina Munim wanted to get married, but the Ambani family was not ready for it. Dhirubhai Ambani’s family was of traditional views. He believed that a girl with a film background would not be able to adjust to him. Anil Ambani’s tried to make his point, but he did not get success in it.

Tina Munim went to America

After this, after completing the remaining work of her films, Tina Munim went to America to study interior designing. There was no contact between the two for about 4 years. Sometimes there was talk, but Tina Munim was very sad about the breakup of this relationship.

Family ready for marriage

The Ambani family wanted to marry Anil Ambani and many relationships were coming for it. But Anil Ambani flatly refused to marry any other girl. When the family members understood that Anil would marry Tina, they agreed for the relationship. After this, Anil Ambani called Tina Munim and asked to return to India.

Solemn wedding

When Tina Munim returned to India, Anil Ambani introduced her to her parents. After this the families of both of them met each other and they gave their consent for marriage. First got engaged and after that in 1991, both of them got married with great pomp. The wedding took place in the traditional Gujarati way. Many big celebrities attended this wedding.

Have two sons Anmol and Jai

Anil Ambani and Tina Ambani have two sons, Anmol Ambani and Jai Anshul Ambani. He looks after his father’s business. These are rarely seen in public. Tina Ambani now stays away from the world of glamor.

Achieved many milestones in film career

Tina Munim was born on 11 February 1955 in a traditional Gujarati family. From an early age, she started dreaming of going to Bollywood. After making his debut in 1978 with ‘Des-Pardesh’ with Dev Anand, he starred in ‘Lootmar’, ‘Manpasand’, ‘Rocky’, ‘Soutan’, ‘Karz’, ‘Manpasand’, ‘Baton Baat Mein’, Worked in many hit films like ‘Bade Dil Wala’, ‘Izaat’. Tina Munim was crowned ‘Femina Teen Princess’ in 1975 itself.

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