Freeze the Egg: Have a baby whenever you want

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A 35-year-old woman from Karnataka, who was suffering from polio on both legs, married a man in government service. She wanted to become a mother, but could not figure out any solution. In such a situation, someone told her about Padmashree Dr. Kamini Rao, who is a fertility expert. On going there, she got the child from the IVF process. But Dr. Kamini took her egg and developed it with her husband’s sperm. He examined it and implanted it in his uterus. After 9 months she got a healthy baby. The woman’s happiness knew no bounds.

The Founder Director of Milan Fertility, Bangalore, Dr. Kamini Rao is the first woman doctor in India who has revolutionized the field of ‘Assisted Reproduction Treatment’. For his significant contribution in this field, he has also been awarded the title of Padma Shri in the year 2014. He was the one who established the first ‘Simon Bank’ in South India.

According to Dr. Kamini, who has been working in this field for 27 years, no woman is infertile. This is a taboo in the society, through which many women have to go through. Many women are thrown out of the house by their husbands or family considering them to be infertile. If that woman gets the right treatment then she can have a child.

When asked the reason for coming to this area, she says that many women abroad used to come and say that I should return to India, because there women have to suffer for not having children. This was the only moment when I decided to leave abroad and come to India. Coming to India, I have started a campaign called ‘Freeze the Egg’, under which women can take advantage of their freedom by freezing eggs even at a young age and have a child whenever they want. Actually, by doing this, I want to hear the cries of the child in every house.

Many advantages

Dr. Kamini says, “Most of today’s women who are career conscious, they marry late and now want to become a mother then they have to resort to IVF. In which they have to take the help of egg donor. In this method, if they have frozen the eggs at the age of 20 to 30, then the quality of the eggs is good. These eggs can be kept alive for many years. After this they can use those eggs to get a healthy baby.

The method of preparing embryos is not easy. Whenever a woman wants a child, the embryo is prepared in 3 to 5 days by bringing the frozen egg to normal temperature in the lab and mixing sperm in it. Then it is put in the ‘feet’.

After 2 or 3 weeks, her pregnancy test is done. Expert hands are needed for this work so that pregnancy can happen at once.

Dr. Kamini Rao tells that the cost of egg freezing is Rs 30 thousand for the first 6 months, while Rs 1,000 has to be paid annually. But if a woman has decided to become a mother even at the age of 40, then she will become a mother at the age of 25 with frozen eggs. The age of the woman may be 40 but the age of her egg will be 25.

Nothing short of a boon

Dr. Bandita Sinha, IVF expert at World of Women, Mumbai, says that the process of ‘egg freezing’ is career oriented and nothing less than a boon for women suffering from any disease. But women should not waste this technology and your money. Adopt it as per the need, because it is an artificial method.

The method of natural pregnancy is always good. In this process, eggs are taken out and preserved for years at low temperatures using an invasive method to freeze them, which is not easy. Most of these high profile working women and heroines do more, because their marriages are delayed due to career and they cannot become mothers soon, so this decision of theirs remains right for them. But even for egg freezing, women should take this decision as soon as possible, because the quality of the eggs of ‘young adult’ is more good. Its quality decreases with age.

This process is available only in most of the big cities, as it requires good quality labs and experts. The following tests are necessary before egg freezing:

Fertility level, general health, infection test, whether there is any genetic disorder or not, complete family blood test etc. should be done by a fertility expert.

With the convenience of such modern technology, it has become easy for any woman to become a mother today at any age. But it is necessary to use it in time so that after becoming a mother, the child can be brought up properly.

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