Taliban has become enemy of humanity, pregnant woman police officer shot in stomach in front of family

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Kabul, Sept. 06: While the world is doing research on the Moon and Mars, the Islamic terrorist organization Taliban is crossing new limits of barbarism every day. . This time the treatment done by the Islamic terrorist organization Taliban to a pregnant woman is shocking.

Cruelty to Pregnant Women The radical Islamic terrorist organization in Afghanistan is writing new brutal stories of violence against women. In the latest incident, a pregnant woman policeman was shot dead by Taliban militants in front of the family. The report said that a female policeman named Banu Nigara was murdered in front of her husband and children at her home in Firozkoh.

A senior Afghan journalist has confirmed the woman’s murder by tweeting. She wrote in her tweet that, “Last night at 10 o’clock in Ghor province, a female policeman Nigara was shot dead in front of her children and husband. Nigara was 6 months pregnant, she was shot dead by the Taliban.”

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