The woman who made company pay two crore rupees

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Holidays are fixed for the working people in the offices, but sometimes it happens that they need a holiday in addition to the leave given to them. A very strange case has come to the fore when a woman asked for leave of only one hour from her office, then the company did not give her leave. After this the step taken by the woman became famous all over the world. Eventually the company had to pay a hefty compensation to the woman. All this happened when the woman had sought this leave to take care of her child.

Actually, this incident is from London, UK. According to a BBC report, Ellis used to work as a sales manager in a real estate company. Alice demanded from the company that she would work an hour less, four days a week, for her little girl. He sought permission from the company for this. Surprisingly, the company rejected this and refused to give one hour leave. Then again what happened which was shocking.

According to the report, Ellis first resigned from the company and then went straight to the court. In a local employment tribunal in London, he argued that such was the case. He put his entire side in front of the company. However, when the company came to know about this, the company also sent its representation to the court and it kept the matter of the company there. During the hearing in the tribunal, both the sides were heard, now it was the turn to pronounce the verdict.

In the verdict, the tribunal’s judge ruled in favor of Ellis. The judge said that it was found that the company had failed to provide flexibility in the work, which caused substantial loss to Alice. The judge also awarded compensation of around Rs 2 crore to Alice for hurt feelings and gender discrimination, along with loss of salary.

It is also mentioned in the report that Alice earned 1 crore 21 lakh annually from this job started in October 2016. But in 2018, when she became pregnant, her relationship with the company deteriorated and the company stopped paying attention to her. Not only this, Alice had to leave her child in the childcare center for a few days. Alice has also told this whole story on her social media account.

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