PNB Starts Loan at your Home Comfort

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If you suddenly need money in lockdown, then Punjab National Bank will help you. PNB has started home loan lending service for its customers and that too in less than an hour. PNB has named this scheme PSB Loan in 59 minutes.

If you want to take loan from PNB for home, vehicle, business or any personal work, then your work will be done in a pinch.

Loans are being given on easy terms through PNB Loans in 59 Minutes. However, many other banks including PNB also have this service.

Apart from PNB, many government banks in the country, including SBI (State Bank of India), Bank of Baroda, give loans in 59 minutes.

This is how you will get loan

If you want to take a loan in less than an hour from the time of sitting at home, then you have to visit PNB loan website

Earlier this platform was meant for businessmen, but now it has been opened to everyone. In 2018, the central government started a loan scheme in less than an hour. Then Punjab National Bank also started this platform.

After visiting this website, you will have to upload some information about yourself. After uploading the information, an OTP will be generated on your phone. As soon as you upload this OTP on the website page, the loan processing will start in front of you.

Here you have to give information about the amount of the loan and the loan you are taking under any item. This system will connect you to the branch after studying your application.

It analyzes data from many sources such as income tax returns, bank statements etc.

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