If your phone also hangs, get rid of this problem through these tips

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The problem of Smartphone hangings has become very common. New phones also start hanging. Today we will tell you some important tips with the help of which you can save the phone from hanging.

Mobile phones have become an important part of our life nowadays. We need a mobile phone for everything. But the difficulty increases when the phone hangs while doing some important work. Smartphones can be saved from hanging with the help of some tips. Today we will tell you similar tips. After which your phone will not hang.

To save your phone from hang, the most important thing is to keep at least apps in your phone. Only keep the applications that you need in the phone. Due to more apps in the phone, the phone hangs or works very slowly.

The way to save the phone from hanging

For this, you have to go to the Google Play stores of the phone. After this, click on the three dots made in it.

After clicking on it, go to Settings and click on Auto update option.

After this, you will see three options. From these, you have to click on Do not auto update app.

By doing this, the apps in your phone will not be automatically updated when you do and only then will the phone be saved from hanging.

Another way can be adopted to prevent the phone from hanging.

For this you have to go to the settings of mobile.

After going to Settings, you click on About Phone. Now you will see the build number. Click on it 6-7 times.

After clicking, go to the developer option and turn it on.

As soon as you turn on the developer option, many more options will open in front of you.

Among these options, Window Animation Zoom, Transition Animation Scale Animator Duration Scale have to close all three.

By adopting these tips, you can save your phone from hanging.

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