Slow charge is a Smartphone? Adopt these 5 methods

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If your phone is taking longer than this to be charged then you do not have to worry. Here today we are going to tell you about 5 reasons why your phone is slow charged.

Smartphone charging has changed a lot compared to before. Companies are now launching Smartphones with fast charge technology. Most Smartphones charge in one and a half to two hours. If your Smartphone is taking too long to charge then don’t worry. We will tell you about the reasons that make your Smartphone slow charge.

The bad adapter or cable is mostly that the fault is not in the phone but in the charger. In such a situation, you are advised to charge your phone with the cable or adapter that comes with the phone. If the charger that came with the phone has gone bad, buy the original charger only. Many times it happens that the cable looks fine from outside, but there is some fault inside it, due to which the charging is slow. In this case, you need to replace the charger.

Weak power source

You cannot always blame the charger cable for slow charging. It can also happen that you are using Week Power Source. In this case, if you are using a wireless charger, then you now need to use a wired charger. Let us know that fast wireless chargers of companies like Samsung come, yet they charge slower than wired chargers.

Background app

If your phone is charging slowly that hardware is responsible for this, it is not necessary. Charging may also occur due to a malfunction in the phone’s software. In such a situation, if you have recently installed a new app, delete it immediately because it may also happen that this app is pulling more power in the background. If the problem still persists, then you need to reset the phone.

Damage USB port

Even after trying all the ways, if your phone is slow-charging, then the problem may be in the USB port of your phone. Due to the use of the phone for a long time, sometimes some dirt gets deposited in it or it gets damaged from inside. In this case, you should clean it once and still it is better to replace it if it is not well.

Bad battery

If your phone is not fast charging in these four ways, then you need to change the battery of the phone. Sometimes the battery keeps working, but due to some internal problem, it stops charging fast. In such a situation, the problem can be solved by replacing it.

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