After 4 days, an asteroid twice larger than the pyramid will hit the Earth’s atmosphere!

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Asteroid twice as big as Giza’s pyramid is rapidly approaching the Earth. It will enter the Earth’s orbit on 6 September. Scientists at the US Space Agency NASA fear that it may hit the Earth’s atmosphere. According to Indian time, it can hit the Earth’s atmosphere at 3.30 pm on September 6.

The name of this asteroid is Apollo Asteroid. Because it is crossing the Earth’s orbit and it can prove to be dangerous for the Earth. By the way, in scientific language its name is 465824 (2010FR). Scientists discovered this dangerous asteroid ten years ago.

Scientists at the Center for Near Earth Objects (CNEOS) have said that like other asteroids, it too will pass through the earth. There is no threat to the earth from this. But NASA scientists have feared danger.

652824 (2010FR) Asteroid is coming towards the earth at a speed of 50,533 km per hour. That means a speed of about 14 kilometers per second. This pyramid is 270 meters (885.82 feet) wide and 886 feet tall. It is twice as big as the Giza Pyramid in Egypt.

NASA scientists have said that there is no need to panic, because this astroid can pass through the earth. But the process of entering the atmosphere can be very dangerous. It can also fall into the ground or sea, trapped in the gravitational force of the earth.

NASA and CNEOS scientists are monitoring these asteroids. Because its speed is very fast. According to astronomers, there are 50,000 chances of such an asteroid hitting the Earth every 100 years. But, in some way or the other, they come out of the edge of the earth.

Dr. Bruce Bates of the International Group of Astronomers said that such asteroids are small asteroids of few meters. They often burn as soon as they enter the atmosphere. There is no major loss. In 2013, a meteorite about 20 meters long hit the atmosphere. A 40-meter-long meteorite collided in Siberia’s atmosphere in 1908 and burned.

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