Another ‘quality attack’ on China, a severe blow to imported LED goods

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India has prepared to teach China another lesson. Now all LED products imported in the country will be tested.

India (India) has prepared to teach China (China) another lesson. Now all LED products imported in the country will be tested. The Indian government wants to curb imports from China, this is a strict step taken by the Modi government in the same direction.

The BIS under the Ministry of Commerce has ordered an inquiry into the LED products to be imported at the major ports of the country like Kandla, Paradip, Kochi, Mumbai. For this, the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued a notification. According to which

Another ‘quality’ attack on China

1. Any sample of consignment or goods being imported will be selected in a random or irregular manner.

2. Such samples will be sent to the Bureau of India Standards (BIS) Labs for testing, the investigation will be completed in 7 days

3. It will be tested whether these LED products meet safety standards.

4. Only the consignments of the samples which meet the criteria will get clearance from Custom

5. If the selected samples do not meet the criteria, they will be sent back or destroyed.

This move of India will increase the difficulties of China, because if China’s poor LED consignment does not get entry in India, then it is sure to cause big economic injury. Because India is a big market for electronic goods for China. Treat it as

How will China’s difficulties increase

1. More than $ 1900 million worth of electronic goods imported from China in FY 2020

2. Items imported from China include lamps and light fitting accessories.

3. The total value of imported lamps and lighting goods was $ 43.6 million.

4. India is the second largest LED market in the world by value, the largest market for China.

To reduce India’s dependence on China, PM Modi has started campaigns like Vocal for Local and Self-Reliant India. Along with teaching China a lesson on the border, its economic back-breaking has already begun.

‘Commercial Strike’ on China

1. To promote local manufacturing, in July, India banned the color television being imported from China.

2. Sugar companies were also banned from participating in government procurement in view of national security concerns.

3. In April, India also changed the rules regarding its foreign direct investment (FDI)

4. The limits of India, which will require government approval before FDI investment. 5. India banned many Chinese apps including TikTok and PUBG

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