Apple’s first online store will start in India on 23 September, customers will get these benefits

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Apple has announced that the company is about to start its first online store in India. It will start from 23 September.

Apple’s first online store will start in India on 23 September

Special discount and gift wrap will be available on products in Apple online store

Can include text on selected products of Apple, support in Hindi also

US tech company Apple will launch its first online store in India on 23 September. Let me tell you that there is no physical apple store in India, nor does Apple sell products online by itself.

According to Apple, customers can now buy direct Apple products from the company’s exclusive online store and they will also get support from here.

This will be the first time in India. Till now Apple products are available in India either on the authorized storage of Apple or on the e-commerce website.

The company has said that Apple online stores will give customers the same premium experience as Apple stores around the world. Customers will get information about the products in Hindi and English from online stores.

\ Support of Apple device can also be taken from online store. The company has said that here you can learn about configuring Macs from Apple Specialist to setup new devices.

Offers and customization

Many types of offers will also be available in the Apple online store. Students will be able to buy on Mac or iPad specials and will also be able to get discounts on AppleCare + and accessories.

Apple has said that signature gift wrap and personalized engraving will also be available with Apple products during the festive season.

You can get your name, text, emoji engrave written on selected products of Apple. Text in Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu languages ​​will be available. These will be for AirPods while Apple will be able to get engraved in English on pencil and iPad.

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