Beauty does not mean blonde! Godrej also removed the word ‘fair’ from his soap

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Being blonde is not beauty, but all the consumer companies in the country are selling their soaps and beauty creams in the name of making blonde. But Godrej Consumer Products Ltd has taken a big decision. Godrej has decided to remove the word ‘Fair’ from all its soap segments.

Of course if someone is blonde, then it can be beautiful, but to say that blondeness is beauty, is completely wrong. But most companies making soap and beauty creams in the country are selling their goods in the name of whiteness. But time is slowly changing. After spreading awareness against apartheid in the society, now companies have started dragging their feet. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd has decided to remove the word ‘Fair’ from all its soap segments. Earlier Hindustan Unilever (HUL), L’Oreal (L’Oreal) and Johnson & Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) also took this step.

Let us tell you that Godrej Consumer is the second largest soap maker in the country. Godrej sells the Fairglow brand of soap under its Hygiene category which includes soap, hand wash and wipes. The company’s chairperson and MD Nisaba Godrej had said on August 4 that ‘we are ready to change the name of our beauty products. This is a very important brand for us. I think this will be true for our consumers. We do not want to promote color discrimination in any way. He also said that at this time all consumer products companies are taking such decisions.

Earlier, India’s largest FMCG company Hindustan Unilever (HUL) decided to remove the word ‘Fair’ from its four-decade old skin care brand Fair & Lovely. The company later changed its name to ‘Glow & Lovely’. For your information, let us know that in 1975 Hindustan Unilever launched the cream named ‘Fair and Lovely’. Fair and lovely owns 50-70% of the market for white-cream in the country.

Apart from HUL, recently the world’s largest cosmetic company L’Oreal (L’Oreal) had removed the words ‘whitening’, ‘fair’ and ‘lightning’ from their skin products. The company has started using the word Glow instead. In a statement issued by L’Oreal, it was said that ‘L’Oreal Group accepts the protests against skin color changing products. The company will now remove words like Fair, Brightening and Whitening from all its products.

Before all this, Johnson & Johnson stopped selling its skin whitening creams.

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