Bee venom rapidly eradicates dangerous cancer cells, for the first time such a study

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The venom found in bees can treat aggressive breast cancer. A research has shown that bee venom destroys the aggressive breast cancer cells in a short time and causes very little damage to other healthy cells of the body.

Researchers from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the University of Western Australia have done this study. Researcher studied 312 bees venom on cancer cells. This research is being considered very important for the treatment of cancer. Dr. Ciara Duffy used bees found in Australia, Ireland and England for the study on triple negative breast cancer cells.

According to the report of the Daily Mail, Dr. Duffy says that a particular concentration of toxin kills cancer cells completely. Melittin found in the toxin also proved effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells. Dr. Duffy says that before this no one had tested the bee venom on cancer cells.

Dr. Duffy said that Melittin found in the toxin can also be prepared synthetically. He said that synthetic melittin also has anticancer properties. Researcher said that bee venom destroys cancer cells very fast.

Professor Peter Kleinken, Chief Scientist at The University of Western Australia, said that the research is very encouraging. At the same time, Dr. Duffy has also investigated whether Melittin can be used with the existing chemotherapy. He has also received a positive response to this.

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