Corona: Guidelines issued for partially opening schools

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Schools closed since March due to Corona epidemic will be partially but now open.

The government has allowed partial opening of classes from 9th to 12th from 21 September.

But it will be voluntary, that is, students who want to go, they can go to school to get advice from their teachers, no one will be forced to go to school.

And students who want to go to school will have to get written consent of their parents. But some conditions have also been applied to all of them.

On Tuesday, the Union Health Ministry issued the SOP i.e. Standard Operating Procedure in this regard.

Standard operating procedure

1. Students will be required to wear face mask.

2. Every student must sit at least six feet away from each other. And this lift, parking, corridor will be applicable in all places.

3. All students will have to wash their hands and use sanitizer every once in a while.

4. Mouth and nose have to be covered while coughing or sneezing.

5. Spitting in public places is forbidden.

6. As soon as a student realizes something wrong in his health, he must immediately inform the school teacher or administration about this.

4. Students have been advised to download the Arogya Setu app as far as possible.

8. Schools within the Containment Zone will not be allowed and students or teachers or any other staff residing here will not be allowed to attend the school in the non-Containment Zone.

9. Before opening the schools will be fully sanitized and repeated cleaning will be done in those places where teachers and students will sit and talk.

10. If a school has been used as a quarantine center before, then they will be specially sanitized.

11. But in addition to allowing schools to be partially opened, the government has said that not only will education continue through online, but it will also be encouraged by the government. And to start an online class or to teach or guide the students coming to school, the government can call 50 percent teacher or staff to school. Currently no more teachers or staff will be called to school.

12. There will be no assembly in schools at present, swimming pools will also be closed and sports related activities will also be banned.

13. Thermal screening will be done outside the doors of the school to check the temperature of the students and teachers.

14. Only a person with no symptoms will be allowed to go in and if anyone shows any symptoms of corona, then they will be sent to the nearby health center immediately.

15. To avoid the crowds, students can be called to school at different times.

16. Students will not be allowed to take notebooks, pens, pencils, rubber, waterbottles among themselves.

17. Social distancing and cleanliness will be taken care of in schools where buses are available.

The SOP issued by the Ministry of Health has taken care of every minor thing.

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