Covid-19 Vaccine Update: Unique initiative of Chinese medicine company, human trials of inhaled Covid vaccine soon

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Covid-19 Vaccine Update: Human trials of the inhaled Covid-19 vaccine in China are going to start next week. Respiratory vaccine, rather than injection, has been announced by a company called Cancino Biologics. Earlier, the company has prepared the Covid-19 vaccine Ad5-nCoV to be given through injection. It has already been approved for use in China and many other countries.

Human trials of inhaled Covid-19 vaccine instead of the injected Covid-19 vaccine in China are set to begin next week. Xiufeng Yu, co-founder and CEO of human-testing company Cancino Biologics, announced on Sunday. Other Chinese Covid-19 vaccines have an effective rate lower than Pfizer-BioNotech and Moderna’s developed vaccines.

Human trials of inhaled Covid-19 vaccine in China soon

In early April, the director of China’s Center for Disease Control publicly acknowledged that the ‘protection rate’ from the Chinese vaccine is not very high, and the use of various Covid-19 vaccines to increase the vaccine’s effectiveness As options are being considered. Yu said that the inhaled vaccine may be more effective than the injected vaccine because the vaccine will enter the human body through the path from which the corona virus passes.

Cancino Biologics is jointly developing an in-breath vaccine with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. Earlier, the company’s injected Covid-19 vaccine Ad5-nCoV has already been approved for use in China and many other countries. The CEO of the company clarified that the vaccine used in principle can provide additional protection by activating anti-bodies or tea cells.

Cansid vaccine named Ad5-nCoV has been made by Cancino Biologics

He also told that if the security layer fails and the virus reaches deep into the body, then other parts of the immune system will still be able to fight against the virus. He said that in this way people will get more security and hence we decided to prepare for the vaccine. The CEO said that the company has adopted the same strategy for vaccine preparation that is used for the preparation of TB vaccine by mouth.

Covid-19 vaccine given through single dose injection of cancino has been cleared for use in many countries including Pakistan, Mexico, Hungary, China. The company said that interim data from the third phase of human trials abroad showed that the vaccine proved to be 68.83 percent effective two weeks after an injection to prevent the symptomatic symptoms of Covid-19, although the effective rate subsequently fell four weeks later Tax increased to 65.28 percent.

In comparison, Pfizer-BioNtech’s vaccine was 91 percent more effective at preventing infection, while Moderna said her vaccine proved to be more than 90 percent effective six months after the second dose. Yu said that Cancino has done research on applying booster doses six months after the first injection, to improve immune response against the corona virus.

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