Delhi: IGI becomes country’s first Covid test facility airport, will get results in 6 hours

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Delhi Airport is the first airport in the country where the lab has been set up for the RT PCR test of Covid. This will benefit those travelers from abroad who have to travel to another city by transit flight. These travelers will now be able to get rid of the institutional quarantine.

Covid-test facility will be available for all international passengers from today at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Air Port. Its result will also come in 4 to 6 hours. On Saturday, some international passengers were tested and the results were seen from the new machines, but from today it will be compulsory for all international passengers who want to take further connecting flights.

Capacity to test 15,000 passengers per day

For the RT-PCR test of International Passenger, a lab has been set up at Terminal-3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. Here, Chetan Kohli, Chief Operating Officer of Jane String, a company offering Covid test, told ABP News that 3000 passengers can be tested in a day in this lab. In the coming time, this capacity can be increased to 15000 passengers if the number of passengers increases. The peculiarity of this lab is that it brings test results in 4 to 6 hours only.

How to get rid of quarantine

As of now, as per the rule, any international passenger who has to travel further by taking a connecting flight to Delhi Airport was sent to the 7-day Institution Quarantine for not taking the negative report of the Covid-19 test. But now due to the convenience of the test and the early results from the lab, the Covid negative passengers will be able to get rid of the quarantine and they will be able to travel further after the negative results.

Only passengers with connecting flights will get this facility

Videha Kumar Jaipuriyar, CEO of Delhi International Airport Limited, said that this facility is only for international passengers with connecting flights. Passengers coming to Delhi or coming out of Delhi airport are not exempted from quarantine. But soon Delhi government can give this exemption. However, those international travelers who have to go directly outside Delhi by any other means after the Covid Negative Report will be able to go.

Covid test will be for 5000 rupees

This facility of Covid test will save the passengers 7 days but instead they will have to pay 5000 rupees for the Covid test. At the Terminal Three of Delhi Airport, the International Passenger leads from a special corridor to the Special Lounge. On the way, help desk, fee counter, data counter and swob collection counter have been created. Passengers will have to stay in this lounge for about 6 hours after going through all these. For this, all the arrangements for social distancing and eating and drinking of passengers have been made here.

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