Do you use clutch too often during the ride? Be careful!

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If you want better mileage than your car, here we are telling you about some things that you should keep in mind while driving.

People often use the clutch more while driving a car and later complain that the clutch plates are getting bad. Not only this, the engine and mileage also make a difference. If time does not pay attention to it, then expenses also come. Here we are telling you about some such things that you should keep in mind while driving.

Using the clutch again and again

Often people use the clutch repeatedly while driving a car. Some people do not only remove the foot from the clutch at the time of the drive, by doing so, there is heavy damage to the clutch plates as well as fuel consumption increases. So use the clutch only when needed. Not only that, press the accelerator pedal comfortably during the drive, this will reduce fuel consumption in your car.

These are also the reasons for low mileage

People keep excess goods in their car, due to which the weight of the vehicle increases. And in such a situation, the engine has to apply more power, due to which the consumption of fuel also increases. So avoid storing extra waste in the car.

If you do not keep regular air pressure right in the tires of your vehicle, then this is a big reason for low mileage. So check the tire pressure twice a week. By doing this, the mileage of the vehicle will be improved.

If driving in a lower gear, do not press the accelerator at all because by doing this, fuel consumption increases and the mileage starts to decline. Friends, if you also want to increase the mileage of your car, then consider these things today, you will get better results.

People often drive on high beam at night which is not right in terms of safety. And many times, the vehicle coming from the front can not feel like your vehicle, due to which the chances of getting an accident are increased. So always drive on low beam, it will be safe for you and others as well.

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