Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden: A sharp war of words in the first debate of the US presidential election

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On Wednesday, the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency took place. The two rivals talked on different issues like health, justice, racial discrimination and economy and made sharp attacks on each other.

When asked about the Kovid-19 epidemic, Donald Trump said that if Biden were in his place, there would have been more deaths in America. In response, Biden said that Trump had no plans to fight the epidemic.

There are more than seven million cases of corona virus infection in America and nearly two lakh people have died due to the disease so far.

Discussion on corona virus

Biden criticized the Trump administration for tackling the Corona virus epidemic, to which Trump said the government had done a better job of dealing with the epidemic.

He said “Our government brought masks, PPE kits and medicines to combat the corona virus. We are just a few weeks away from making the corona vaccine. I have talked to companies and I can say we will soon make the vaccine .

In the case of corona deaths in the US, he said that India, Russia and China are hiding the statistics of deaths due to corona virus.

The two leaders targeted each other on issues ranging from masks to vaccines and physical distancing.

When Biden accused Trump of not taking seriousness about wearing masks, Trump mocked Biden by saying, “Biden stays at 200 feet and still comes wearing a big mask.”

Host Chris Wallace asked why he was crowding election rallies during the Trump epidemic. In response, Trump said, “Even if Biden could gather so much crowd, he would have done the same.”

Biden said to Trump, “You inject bleach into your arm, maybe it will cure the corona.” In response, Trump said, “I said this in tanz and you know that.”

Trump said that if Biden had been in his place, two million people would have died from Kovid-19 in America. At the same time, Biden said that everyone knows that Trump is a liar.

I paid millions of dollars tax: Trump

In the ‘Economy’ segment, Chris Wallace asked both candidates how they would bring the American economy back on track after the Corona epidemic and lockdown.

In response, Trump said, “After the lockdown, the American economy is on track faster than expected. I have built the best economy in American history.”

The tax issue came up during the debate on the economy. Host Chris Wallace, citing a New York Times report, asked Trump, “Is it true that you paid just $ 750 tax in 2016-17?”

In response, Trump said, “I have paid millions of dollars in tax. One year I paid 38 million dollars in tax and the other year 27 million dollars.” Trump described the New York Times report as ‘fake news’.

Racial discrimination and exposure of black people

Debate host Chris Wallace asked about violence and racial discrimination in the United States after the assassination of black American citizen George Floyd by white policemen.

In response, Trump said, “During the Obama-Biden administration, there was racial discrimination and violence in America, which has reduced now.”

At the same time, Biden said that the law system in America has deteriorated in recent years. Trump responded, “Biden does not believe in law and order.” We believe in the judicial system but not you. People of this country want justice. ”

Regarding violent Black Lives Matter protests in many places in the United States, Biden said that there is no harm in protests but violence is not acceptable.

Why should the people of America vote for you?

In response to this question, Trump said, “Our government is the best administrative government.” Before coming to Corona, we were on the path of development which has been hit.

He said, “Before the end of our term, we have appointed more judges. When I got a chance to form the government, 128 judges’ seats were empty. The previous government was weak while our government is strong. “

Biden said that America would become more vulnerable and poor under Trump’s rule. He said, “Under the rule of Trump, the rich will become richer, while the poor will become poorer.”

Climate change

Chris Wallace asks Donald Trump if he believes in climate change? In response, Trump said, “I want clean water and clean air.” We are doing excellent work in this regard and we have not done any harm to the business. As far as every year fire in the forests is concerned, we need better forest management.

When Trump and Biden came out on ‘Shut Up’ in Debate

There were many occasions in this debate when Donald Trump and Joe Biden got into trouble with each other. The two called each other to ‘shut-up’ and Debate host Chris Wallace had to intervene.

During the debate on many issues, Trump and Biden kept on talking to each other and it grew so much that Chris Wallace told both of them – ‘Stop Talking’. That is, be silent.

During the debate, when Biden interrupted Trump, host Wallace said, “Let them finish their talk.”

Trump trumped at this, “Bideon does not know this.”

Not only this, Trump and Biden sarcastically and mocked each other several times during the debate. While Trump described himself as the best president in American history, Biden said that Trump is the worst American president ever. Biden said that everyone knows that Trump is a liar.

During the debate, Trump once told Biden, “Don’t call yourself smart in front of me.” Don’t use the word smart in front of me.

Trump and Biden did not shake hands

Both did not join hands this time in view of Corona virus infection.

This debate is taking place in Cleveland, Ohio. Due to the rules of social distancing, a limited number of people were allowed to enter the debate.

At the start of the debate, host Chris Wallace asked both the contestants about the nomination of the next Supreme Court judge.

Trump defended his nominee Amy Connie Barrett’s nomination and said he was ‘good and brilliant in every way’.

President Trump’s wife Melania Trump and Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden were also present during the debate. Donald Trump’s daughters Ivanka and Tiffany Trump were also present on the occasion.

During the debate, the audience was not allowed to make any noise, cheer or booing.

Who was the host of this debate?

The debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was hosted by 72-year-old news anchor Chris Wallace of US news channel Fox News.

Wallace has a good name in journalism and his image is quite different from the rest of his Fox News colleagues.

On one hand, while many Fox News reporters are accused of having an inclination towards President Trump, Wallace’s image is quite the opposite.

Wallace is seen as a serious and understanding journalist.

This is not the first time Chris Wallace is hosting a presidential election debate. Earlier, in the year 2016, he has also hosted this debate. Wallace is also the first journalist at Fox News to host a presidential election debate.

Recently, he also interviewed President Trump.

Joe Biden is better known as the Vice President of former President Barack Obama. Although Biden has been active in American politics since the 1970s.

As the polling day gets closer, the poll survey companies are trying to understand the mood of the people by asking people about the candidate of their choice before the real results.

And in the polls so far, Trump is seen trailing his rival and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden.

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