EDII New Programme on Art and Fashion Entrepreneurship

FEP or ‘Fashion Entrepreneurship Program’ is the new course launched by Ahmedabad-based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) for those entrepreneurs who are highly skilled and talented and keep a creative approach for art and fashion.

The course will be commenced from December and will have two-month incubation and eight days of weekend classes.

This programme is completely for the entrepreneurs who are quite interested in creative fashion, art, design and digital industries.

Moreover, this course provides a golden chance to the individuals to set up their own business in industries related to e-commerce, males and females fashion, luxury merchandise, footwear, accessories and leather products, perfumes and cosmetics, designed furnishings, jewellery and household products, as stated by EDII.

Sanjay Pal, Senior Faculty & Head, Department of Business Services and National Outreach, EDII quoted, “We have created this programme for those entrepreneurs who aspire to set up their own business in the fashion field and combine design, business and manufacturing knowledge.”

He further said, “The course will provide best training to the entrepreneurs to start, finance and establish a successful fashion brand. Not only this, they are also being trained in terms of creativity so that they not only design clothes and accessories, but also attitude that transforms idea into a business.”

The programme will include the economics of lifestyle and fashion brands, mapping competition, , consumer behaviour and drivers in a digital age, development, execution and management of a lifestyle and fashion business and making product prototypes and testing.

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