From Z Plus to Y Plus, what does this security mean?

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The Indian government has decided to provide security of Y Plus category to Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut.

However, from time to time, the government has been providing different categories of protection to the veteran leaders, top officials and special personalities in the country.

And it is decided by the Central Government. Under this, security ranging from Z Plus to X category is provided.

But what do these categories of protection mean? It has also been seen many times that whose security is removed, there is a political uproar when it is removed.

Why is this level of security so important that it causes a ruckus when it is removed? Is this given by looking at the danger or is it related to the status symbol?

How many types of security?

Leaders or big personalities in India are generally provided with Z plus, Z, Y and X category protection.

These include Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, Supreme Court and High Court judges, famous leaders and senior officials.

At present, 450 people in India have got such protection.

How is Z Plus security?

All types of security provided by the Government of India include Special Protection Group (SPG), National Security Guards (NSG), Indian-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) agencies.

Z-Plus category security is the most stringent security system in the country. It is considered to be VVIP category security. There are 36 security personnel deployed in this category of security. This includes commandos of NSG and SPG.

In this security, the NSG is responsible for the first encirclement, while the second layer is the SPG commandos. Apart from this, ITBP and CRPF personnel also remain in the Z plus security category.

What is the Z and Y category?

The number of security personnel in the Z category security is 22. In this category, personnel and officers of ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) are deployed in security.

Escort and pilot vehicles are also provided in this category of security.

In the Y range this number decreases to 11. Which consists of two Personal Security Officers (PSOs).

A guard commander and four guards are stationed in the Y-Plus category, in addition to an escort vehicle and private security personnel. These guards have a sub-inspector rank officer while three other security personnel have automatic weapons.

In X category 2 security personnel are deployed which includes a PSO.

How is the security of the Prime Minister?

The responsibility of protecting the Prime Minister rests with the Special Protection Group. Apart from the Prime Minister, the former Prime Minister and his family also get this protection for some time.

SPG was formed in 1988, a few years after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. The SPG has an annual budget of over Rs 300 crore and is considered the most expensive and robust security system in the country.

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