Good news on coronavirus infection and immunity

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New study came out

The corona virus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. After recovering in Hong Kong, Italy and the United States, people have started to panic after Corona reported cases of re-infection. The way the cases of reintegration are increasing, questions are also being raised in the minds of people about immunity. However, a new study has told people the relief news.

Study done on the people of the island

This study on the people of the island has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study has removed the apprehensions of the people about reintegration and immunity. For the study, researchers collected serum samples from 30,576 people and tested six different types of antibodies. Researchers found that 91.1 percent of the 1,797 people who had been cured of corona had good levels of antibodies.

Antibody levels

The study says that no decrease in this level of antibodies was observed for four months. Immune response was found to be higher in elderly people. The corona virus affects the elderly only in the most severe and severe way. In such a situation, it is definitely good news to find more immune response in the elderly. It is also good news for effective vaccine to have more immune response.

Study on immune response

According to the study, more immune response found in people in research confirms that there are very few cases of reinfection after recovering from corona for the first time. It is believed that to prevent the spread of corona virus, it is necessary to have antibodies in about 70 percent of the population. The study found corona virus in less than 1 percent of the island’s population.

Second infection mild

Doctors say that the second infection is much milder than the first infection. The first time infection creates the ability to fight in the body which weaken the virus for the second time.

Questions on antibody levels

However, it is too early to say how long this antibody stays in the body. It can also happen that with time the immunity decreases and the body comes in contact with the virus again. The study says that we do not need to panic at the moment.

Immunity and vaccine

To prevent the corona virus, people are expected only from herd immunity and vaccine. The vaccine is being discovered rapidly all over the world. At the same time, the available facts show that the body prepares a structure for its defense.

Game changer vaccine

The vaccine is being seen as a game changer in the fight against the corona virus. It is expected that the antibodies received from the vaccine will last for a long time.

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