How does being vegetarian and non-vegetarian affect your love life?

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Many studies have been done so far on the behavior, likes and dislikes of vegetarian people. Now in a new study, it has been tried to know how the effect of being vegetarian affects their love life. In this study, an attempt has been made to know the relationship between diet and relationships. This study has appeared in the Journal of Social Psychology.

According to this study, vegetarian people mostly like to befriend vegetarians. His friendship with those who like him is deep. This study has been conducted by Poland researchers John Nejlec and Margina together with psychologist Professor Catherine Forrestel of William & Mary College, USA.

Earlier in another study, Nejlek and Forrestel had said that vegetarianism is not just a diet but it is an important part of a person’s social identity. Another psychologist, Christoph Dhont, found in his research that many vegetarian people do not like omnivores (eating both veg and non-veg). To understand all these things deeply, the researchers did four studies in a series. People were divided into two categories of vegetarian and omnivores for these studies. In the first study, people were asked whether their diet affects their social identity? What does their diet mean to them and how often do they think about their eating habits. The survey was conducted on 411 American men and women.

In the fourth study, 863 adult people of Poland were informed about their best friend and their romantic partners’ diet. On the question of what diet means to them and how much they think about eating habits, vegetarians scored higher than the all-rounders on a one to seven point scale.

The results of the study conducted on the American people showed that vegetarian people are more than three times more friendly to non-meat eaters than non-vegetarians. At the same time, this difference was up to six times in the study done on the people of Poland. It was also found in the study that vegetarian people like to choose 12 times more romantic partners than people who do not eat meat.

Hal Harajog, another researcher who researches the love life of vegetarians and vegan people, says that most vegetarian people like to hang out and eat with people who are vegetarian like them. Even in the case of dating, vegetarian people prefer to choose vegetarians only.

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