How to become Ethical Hacker and Earn One Lakh in a Month

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In this post only about making a career in Ethical Hacking will be told. If you are new in this field or are reading our hacking post for the first time then first of all you should read Hacking Basic post. What is hacking, complete information about hacking has been told in the post. And every type of hacker has been told in how to become a hacker post. I hope you are reading this further information only after reading those two basic posts. How To Become Ethical Hacker Earn 1 Lakh in a Month.

So friends, by hacking properly, you help people and also make cyber security strong. Because of which you can get a good government job or private company job in hacking field. In this type of job, companies like Google and Microsoft pay their hackers a salary of more than 1 lakh a month. In a way, this is a complete programming job of cyber security for which anyone will be ready to pay you good money.

Career in Ethical Hacking

Now it is not like before that you could make your career only in a few selected fields. Now you can make a career in many different fields. Today the number of mobile users and internet users is increasing. With this increasing number, the work of cyber security is also increasing and job opportunities are coming in big tech companies. In this growing field, if you are interested in doing hacking work, then you can easily earn lakhs of rupees a month by becoming an Ethical Hacker. So, let’s know what to do in Career In Ethical Hacking.

(1) What is hacking or what is hacker

• By the way, you must have understood in the basic hacking post that what is hacking. But still, once before proceeding with the post, let me tell you. Hacker is called one who is expert in the work of programming language. And on the basis of this knowledge, he can find faults in any software, app, website or program on the Internet. Then he can rectify those shortcomings or even misuse it for his own benefit.

• Black hat hackers commit bad deeds, while white hat hackers increase security against them and act like an online police on the Internet. The whole game that is going on by programming techniques in the online cyber world is called hacking. And the players who play the game are called hackers. Now it depends on you what kind of hacker you want to become.

(2) Qualification for Ethical Hacking

• If you are thinking of becoming a black hat hacker then I am not in your support. But if you want to do good work by becoming a white hat hacker, then I am ready to give complete information. To become a white hat hacker, you have to do Ethical Hacking course. In which all subjects like programming language, operating system, internet attack, cyber security are taught in depth. Now if you want to learn so much technical skill, then you should also have the necessary basic knowledge of cook.

• No qualification is required to learn hacking. But you should be well versed in English language and should also have good knowledge of computer. If you have these 2 things then welcome to Ethical Hacking. All this is necessary because whatever you are going to learn from books or practicals, all will come in English and all the practice has to be done on the computer. So my brothers who have problem in English, those people can solve their problem by reading the post on how to learn 100% English.

(3) How to become an Ethical Hacker Hacking

• Friends, this question has 2 answers on how to become an ethical hacker. First, find a good computer institute in your city that offers ethical hacking courses. Or you can do a Paid Course of Ethical Hacking from a Genuine Website by doing a little research on Google. The second option is that you learn everything by yourself on your own computer sitting at home. If you start learning everything on your own through the Internet, then you will not have to pay expensive course fees.

• I have also learned through internet research, books and Youtube videos without any hacking course. For this you must have a passion that I just have to learn hacking by any means. The hacking course is taught by books, from which 20 to 50 thousand are charged. By ordering such books online yourself, you can study your hacking for 1 to 3 thousand rupees.

(4) Career In Ethical Hacking and Hackers’ Salary

• Friends, if you have already thought that now only you have to make your career in Ethical Hacking. So first of all, after investing some money, order Hacking Books and read. If you understand books and enjoy studying hacking, then you will decide for yourself whether to learn further on your own or join a course. You do not invest money in direct hacking courses. First bring books in Minimum Investment, read them, then only if interest comes, go ahead or else let it be.

• If you become an Expert Ethical Hacker, then big companies will be ready to hire you. So it has future and career scope. Talking about Hackers Salary In India, it depends on what level of hacker you are and where you are working. Still, normally a hacker gets a month’s salary from 30 thousand to 5 lakhs.

Best Indian hacker who earns crores of rupees

We have shared a lot of information in the hacking series regarding the topic of what is hacking and how to become a hacker and today we are sharing an interesting information by taking this series forward. Just like the actors who make a career in acting are motivated, similarly a new hacker also wants to be inspired by knowing about the top hacker. But hackers are not highlighted much in our India.

But today I am going to tell you about 10 such best hackers in India, which you will get complete information about them and will also get motivation. Everyone knows that Amitabh Bachchan or any Bollywood actor earns crores of rupees from his movies. But very few people know about hackers, how much money they earn, what is the salary of hackers or how much money a hacker can earn. For those who want to make a career in hacking, today’s post is going to be very helpful, so let’s start.

10 Best Indian Hackers and their Salary

We have collected this information from ethical hackers’ Facebook pages, linkedin profiles, Wikipedia and the Internet. When I started collecting information, I was not able to get so much information and in Hindi such information is negligible. There is very little information related to hacking on the Internet. Nevertheless, we have collected this information only for you with full effort.

(1) Vivek Ramachandran (Income Rs.10 Lac)

Vivek Ramachandran is the founder and CEO of Penetester Academy and Security Tube Training. He has developed many security systems to avoid black hat hackers, due to which he has also received many awards. At the same time, Vivek ji informs them by taking out the shortcomings in many popular websites and earns money. Their monthly estimated income can be above 10 lakhs. Vivek ji has written some of the best books on ethical hacking which have been very much liked by the people all over the world.

(2) Ankit Fadia (Income Rs.8 Lac)

• There will hardly be any person in the hacking field who does not know Ankit Fadia. One of the best and popular Indian hackers includes the name of Ankit Fadia. Ankit has done a complete deep study on ethical hacking. After studying, he wanted to teach hacking in easy language by sharing the knowledge he got with the whole world. That is why he published many books on hacking which are available in both Hindi and English languages. Ankit Fadia’s estimated monthly income can be around 8 lakhs.

(3) Anand Prakash (Income Rs.2 Crore)

• Anand Prakash was once an employee of Flipkart and today is the CEO of App Secure Cyber ​​Company. His hacking journey started like this, once he found a big bug in Facebook’s login system, due to which any hacker could hack thousands of Facebook accounts. Facebook was very happy with this work of Anand and gave him a reward of 10 lakhs. Today Anand ji is doing security work in Facebook, Google and many top online websites, due to which overall his monthly income can be above 2 Crore. For more information read on Wikipedia.

(4) Trishnit Arora (Income Rs.1000 Crore)

• You must have heard about many hackers who are highly educated but Trishnit is different from all of them. You will be surprised to know but Trishnit has studied only till 10th standard, yet he is expert in hacking and is the youngest ethical hacker of 24 years. Trishnit Tac is the CEO of Cyber ​​Security Company. Trishnit has got more awards than his age. Now that you have your own security company, you can imagine how much your brother’s monthly income will be. Trishnit Arora is running 1000 Crore company. Read Wikipedia for more information.

(5) Kaushik Dutta (Income Rs.8 Lac)

• Kaushik Dutta is the founder of Clockwork Mod Company and is an expert hacker of Android system. Kaushik ji has developed software for Android recovery and Kaushik ji, being a hacker, keeps trying to make it good and secure by removing some or the other defect in Android. Monthly income of Kaushik Dutta can be around 8 lakhs.

(6) Sunny Vaghela (Income Rs.8 Lac)

• Sunny Vaghela is from Ahmedabad city of Gujarat and Sunny ji has established Techdefence Company. At the age of just 18, Sunny informed mobile network companies by finding loopholes in SMS and calls. Sunny has launched a website where complaints related to cybercrime are solved. He had also found a flaw in the social network website Orkut. By the age of 20, Sunny had solved many online fraud cases of Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime Branch. Sunny Vaghela’s monthly income can be around 8 lakhs.

(7) Rahul Tyagi (Income Rs.5 Lac)

• 28-year-old white hat hacker Rahul Tyagi has completed his Post Graduate Education in Computer Science. Rahul Tyagi provides security to a big online company. Rahul had also found bugs in Twitter and Facebook. Rahul Tyagi’s monthly earnings can be around 5 lakhs.

(8) Pranav Mistry (Income Rs.2 Crore)

• If I talk about my favourite hacker, then he is Pranav Mistry. Pranav ji has done so much in his field till date that hardly anyone can do it. Pranav has worked with the American space company NASA as well as the biggest thing, he is a computer scientist and keeps researching about the new technology coming in the future. Due to this research, he discovered the invisible computer mouse. Pranav ji wearable technology, Augmented reality, Future machines, Robotics science etc. Researched on. It is also working with Samsung. Talking about income salary, this brother earns crores of rupees every month. This character is very interesting, so I recommend that you read Wikipedia once!

(9) Falgun Rathod (Income Rs.7 Lac)

• Many cyber-crimes happen on the Internet every day, to solve all these online crimes, Falgun Rathod formed a company named Cyber ​​Octet. Falgun ji works for both government and private sector and provides them the best service. Falgun Rathod has successfully solved many cases related to cyber crime. Talking about the earnings of Falgun ji, he earns around 6-7 lakhs a month.

(10) Jani (Income Rs.6 Lac)

• Jani is considered to be India’s smallest hacker. Jani is only 11 years old and in this amount of work, this child has achieved great achievements in the hacking field. Jani had informed the company by finding many flaws on the Instagram social site. Jani could go into Instagram’s servers and delete any text post. Seeing the great work of such a small child, Instagram gave it a reward of $ 10,000.

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