How to Save Electricity Despite Running AC?

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On one hand, the use of AC (air conditioner) in the country is increasing due to the increasing heat day by day, while on the other hand the risk of global warming is increasing uncontrollably due to increasing greenhouse gas.

In 1902, Willis Carriere invented AC using ice and wings. But since then, technology has come a long way.

According to a well-known air conditioner company in India, around 5 million air conditioners were sold in the country in 2016, accounting for 35 million units of electricity consumption in the country. We are no longer in a position when we just have to debate the harmful greenhouse gases emanating from it, but now we have to somehow save the environment.

S. Ashok, Energy Auditor of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, believes that now the government should intervene in this matter.

Ashok, who has more than three decades of experience in the energy sector, says that the use of air conditioners makes us all responsible for global warming, including the use of air conditioners, manufacturers and the government.

He explained that the side effects of AC start by keeping it at a temperature of 18/16 ° C. However scientifically, 24 degree temperature is right for human body. So it only becomes a means of consuming more electricity, which is actually harmful.

Due to this, experts like Ashok are appealing to the government to pass a proposal to keep the minimum temperature of AC at 24 degrees for the purpose of low power consumption and low production of greenhouse gases.

Taking note of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency report, the Central Government has proposed a proposal under the Ministry of Power’s campaign for low power consumption. In this proposal, all the companies making air conditioners will be directed to keep the minimum temperature only 24 degrees Celsius.

After an awareness campaign over the next six months and a survey to know the reaction of the people, the ministry will consider passing this resolution. According to the Ministry of Power, this will help in saving 20 billion units of electricity in one year alone.

But Ashok says that the government should work on some other aspects to save electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse gases. For this, he has given some suggestions.

1. Air conditioning and air circulation are two different things

Run the fan and air conditioner one. This will help increase air circulation. Running an air conditioner with a fan will help the air conditioner run more efficiently as you will feel cold even in high temperature settings. For example, a temperature setting of 27ºC with a fan would feel like 22ºC. This automatically reduces power consumption.

2. Clean air conditioner = low power consumption

Along with getting the AC serviced from time to time, make sure that the air inside the filter is cleaned thoroughly. This will increase the efficiency of AC as well as reduce power consumption.

3. Boost your air conditioner thermostat

You can get fittings from the market to monitor the saturation level of the air conditioner compressor and keep it compatible. This serves as a complement to the current temperature control mechanism of AC. This can save you up to 20% electricity.

4. Measure, monitor and manage the power consumption of air conditioners

By monitoring the power consumption of the air conditioner using a simple meter (costing around Rs 500), you will get information about how much electricity is actually being consumed by the air conditioner. Looking at the consumption in different bills instead of the monthly bills collected for the house, you will realize that how much electricity is being used by not running the AC properly, this will give more attention to everyone in the house!

5. AC manufacturers should take the initiative:

Air conditioner manufacturers and dealers can promote the use of a fan with an air conditioner for better cooling and efficient use among customers. Manufacturers can also provide a stabilizer and a meter with air conditioner in the package to ensure better power quality with the air conditioner.

If you think that by following all these things we can save electricity and if you also have any measures which are helpful in saving electricity, then you can share with us.

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