India’s avak system deal with Israel is a threat to China

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In India, the media reported on the approval of Israel to buy two more AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems), saying that the decision was being taken in view of border tension with China.

According to Indian media, the agreement will be approved by the Security Committee of the Cabinet in the next few days.

Amid tensions with China, Indian media is trying to show that India is preparing for a major war with China, for which all resources are being used.

According to experts, the news of the final approval of AWAC’s agreement with Israel is also being seen in connection with the current tension with China.

Through this, the BJP government is also trying to convey this message to the people, that it is becoming more active in military preparations for the current tension with China on the border.

What is AWACS and what is its importance?

AWACS, during modern wars, create an environment conducive to ground and air surveillance systems (air defense operations), commonly called air ‘surveillance systems’, with the help of air strikes or actions to prevent attacks. Is performed.

An airborne surveillance system, or short term called AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), is used in places where “ground surveillance” is not possible.

In the current situation, India’s plan to buy two more AWACs from Israel can increase India’s defense capabilities.

After the Balakot attack, when Pakistan killed an Indian aircraft, there was a second debate on the need for AWACS in India.

Israel’s pressure for AWACS

Journalist Harendra Mishra, who lives in Jerusalem, says that talks on the purchase of AWACS from Israel have been going on for a long time and India already has three such AWACS of Israel.

According to him, there exists a two billion dollar purchase agreement between India and Israel, including plans to jointly manufacture arms supplies and defense equipment. Therefore, it is irrational to associate it with India-China tension.

Harendra Mishra says that Israel was pushing for the sale of two new AWACS.

“There are good relations between countries these days and it was good for India to buy this system from Israel because the price of these AWACS was increasing due to the delay.”

Tension on the Chinese border in India is still a major topic in the media. The arrival of Rafale fighter jets from France and now the Cabinet approval to buy AWACS are both seen to be linked to tensions with China, while tensions began in May this year.

However, Mishra says that three AWACS given to India are monitoring Pakistan’s airspace and they can see the land of Islamabad and Rawalpindi at this time. “Under these circumstances, it can be estimated where the next two AWACs will be deployed.”

Effect of tension with China?

Sushant Sarin, a senior fellow at the Observer Research Foundation in India and an analyst for security and strategic affairs, has admitted that the Rafale deal took place a long time ago, but Kovid delayed its first supply.

However, he says that “because of tensions on the Chinese border, the effort to acquire these aircraft was expedited.”

Sushant Sarin states that “Similarly, the Avax deal was already underway, but it is quite possible that the typical bureaucratic lethargic attitude had to bend to the changing situation and now there was pressure that the Avax deal with Israel To be completed soon. “

He says that “The real thing is that buying such items is not like buying at a grocery store, it takes time to acquire them. Whatever it is, now the deal can be completed fast. For this we should be thankful to China and to some extent China-Pakistan alliance.

“Israel also wants defense cooperation from China”

But Harendra Mishra from Jerusalem says that “the defense sources here are not linking this deal with the tense incident with China. They see this deal as an agreement with India which was signed long ago. Were.”

“Israel has good relations with China, with which it has a bilateral trade of $ 15 billion. But under pressure from the US, Israel is not able to give its defense technology to China.”

Harendra Mishra says that Israel had also made an agreement to give Avax to China, but “due to US pressure, it had to cancel the deal in 2000. However, the US had indicated to sell Avax to India. “

Mishra stated, “US sanctions are not preferred in Israel, but because of the strategic relationship Israel has with the US, the US provides a lot of military equipment to protect the Jewish state, because of which Israel is protected.” The industry refrains from making any deal with China. “

China’s name is going on ‘

Defense analyst Rahul Bedi, based in Delhi, says that this deal to buy AWACS has been going on for the last seven or eight years and let’s say even if this deal is finalized tomorrow, these surveillance aircraft actually get This may take up to 24 months to do.

In fact, nowadays, everything is being seen as linking tension with China. And the chiefs of the three armies believe that by doing so any military purchases Deals can be cleared quickly. These people are trying to take advantage of this situation, the only difference is that this deal is very big.

Balakot attack

Indian journalist Sanesh Alex Philippe says that the lack of AWACS in India was noticed on 27 February 2019 during an aerial battle with Pakistan.

Impact of Israeli Awaks on Pakistan

Currently, the matter of acquiring two more AWACES is limited to paperwork. Still, will the arrival of new AWACS make any difference to Pakistan?

Pakistan’s Defense Analyst, Retired Squadron Leader Fahd Masood says that the news of the arrival of two new AWACs in India is witnessing the same enthusiasm as was seen at the time of the arrival of Rafale.

“But there was silence on the media when they came to know that it may take a year for the Rafale aircraft to come into regular action.”

“Similarly, AWACS as a surveillance is hardly able to change the current balance of power, there are two reasons: one is that it will take two years to prepare, and the other is that Pakistan is better than these two aircraft. The 27 aircraft is a very big difference. “

Fahd Masood says that “And besides, these two aircraft will be better than the first three aircraft, but the Chinese AWACS is also equipped with the latest inventions due to new research.” So if Chinese platforms are not better than these, then they are not less.

Squadron Leader Fahd says that India’s “These five (AWACS) can be believed to be in the vicinity of seven Air Force aircraft of Pakistan (four produced by Sweden’s Air Eye and three by China)”.

Fahd Masood states that “But after the Pulwama incident, India had to disappoint on 27 February when, during the air war, the Pakistan Air Force launched a fighter jet as an integrated system against the much larger Indian Air Force.” , EW (Early Warning), AWACS and posted all their resources.

In such a situation, when two of India’s new AWACS, even if bought today, will still take at least two years to join the Indian Air Force, and Rafale fighter jets that require AWACS data to use As it happens, questions are being raised on their ability to work in a coordinated and organized manner among themselves.

Therefore, Pakistan’s defense analysts believe that India will not have any preference over Pakistan due to the addition of two new AWACs. But of course India will be able to claim the numerical shortfall compared to Pakistan.

A retired Air Marshal of the Pakistan Air Force, on the condition of anonymity, said that “even then (India) will be less than the capacity of air surveillance for a direct fight against Pakistan”.

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