Inspiration from Sonu Sood: Tribals did what governments could not do

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The way Bollywood actor Sonu Sood helped people in this era of Corona epidemic and still the way they are helping different needy in different ways, it is in front of us all. But what the youth of tribal villages of Andhra Pradesh have done is also an example.

Inspired by Sonu Sood, the youth of the village decided to build the road in their village and that too without any official and government help.

Kodama, Chintamala, Bara, Sirivara, the tribal villages of Saluru mandal in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh state, were isolated and cut off from the mainland for the past 70 years.

Villagers also have to cross the five-kilometer route to reach the nearest primary health center.

Kodama village is at an altitude of 158 meters above sea level and its nearest town Saluru is about 50 kilometers away.

He used to die before reaching hospital

There have been many cases when pregnant women and sick had to be taken to the hospital by sitting or lying in a dolly. Many times the patient or pregnant died on the way and they could not reach the hospital.

Praja Chaitanya Vedika is a non-governmental institution. Kalisetti Appala, president of this institution, says that many times patients died before reaching the hospital.

This institution is helping the villagers in road construction work. However, it is not that the government has not been requested.

The tribal leader of the village, Malati Dora, says that many petitions were sent to the government to build the road, but no efforts were made by the authorities in this direction.

Women pledged to jewelry

There are about 250 families living in Kodama and Chintamala villages and the main occupation of the people here is farming and related business.

He says, “Technology has made great progress and the number of smartphone users in the village has also increased. One of the advantages of this is that by watching and reading videos etc., the youth have benefited greatly and awareness has increased in them.

Apala Naidu says, “The way Bollywood actor Sonu Sood worked for the migrant laborers during the lockdown period has greatly influenced the youth here. Inspired by what Sonu Sood did, the youth of the village decided that they would build their own village road and they too depended on no one. ”

Naidu said that to convert the idea into reality, the youth decided to deposit funds only with the help of the villagers. The good thing is that none of the villagers opposed it and all agreed to it.

The villagers collected a total of Rs 20 lakh from their side and each family supported from Rs 1000 to Rs 20 thousand depending on their capacity.

Up to 10 lakh rupees were received from local shopkeepers and traders so that the thought could be taken to the end. 30 lakh rupees were needed for this entire project.

Malati Dora says that some women have pledged their jewelry for this.

The villagers laid six kilometers of road from Sirivara, Chintamala in Andhra Pradesh to Sabkumari in Odisha and five kilometers from Kodama to Bari.

Since this route goes through the reserved forest area, the Forest Acts needed to be amended for any construction related work and the officials told them that there are many hurdles in the way of implementing this scheme.

Despite appeals many times, there was no progress in the road construction. In such a situation, the youth took up the responsibility and showed this entire work in just two months time.

Sonu Sood also tweeted praising this effort of the villagers.

After this, he also tweeted a tweet on August 24 and wrote that he will come to the village soon.

According to the Andhra Pradesh Panchayati Raj Engineering Department’s July 2018 report, under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana, there was a target of 14,564 km of road construction in rural areas of the state, which would connect 1309 habitations.

It benefited more than 500 people in the plains and more than 250 people in the hilly areas.

Although nearly 90 percent of the target of the scheme in Andhra Pradesh has been met, but still many rural settlements of the state are still not connected under it.

According to the July 2018 report, out of about 47,745 settlements, about 10,605 settlements have not been added even after the completion of 90% work.

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