Kejriwal government resumed doorstep delivery scheme, closed due to Corona

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Doorstep delivery will not begin in areas where containment zones have been created.

In doorstep delivery you avail government services for a nominal fee of just Rs 50

The Kejriwal government has resumed doorstep delivery of public services after six months. The service was temporarily discontinued on 23 March due to the Corona epidemic. The government signed a three-year contract with VFS Global, a popular visa processing firm, in 2018 to run the project, under which 100 types of public services are delivered door-to-door through mobile assistants.

According to a report published in the English newspaper Indian Express, VFS Global said, “We have resumed the Delhi Doorstep project from September 1. Right now, health-care of mobile assistants and citizens is important for us. The ground staff agency has been instructed to follow the guidelines of Covid-19 issued by the central government for doorstep delivery.

What doorstep delivery plan

Under this scheme, Delhi residents will be able to get 100 services ranging from driving license to marriage certificate in their homes. To avail government facility from home, one has to take time from ‘Mobile Assistant’ by calling ‘1076’. After this, the Mobile Assistant completes your home by filling the last form, the necessary documents and the fees. After checking the mobile assistant documents, they submit it to the respective offices. After this, the mobile assistant also has the responsibility of making the applicant visit the government office.

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Explain that in addition to government services, the Delhi government has also approved the scheme to provide ration to the beneficiaries at home. However, it is not yet started. This scheme has been named as ‘Mukhyamantri Ghar Ghar Ration Yojana’. Under this scheme bags of wheat, flour, rice and sugar packed in clean manner will be transported to the homes of the people. At the same time it will be optional to take ration from PDS shop.

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