KFC lifts six-decade-old slogan, says use in Corona era is unrealistic

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KFC has changed its six-decade-old slogan after heavy criticism. In the new restaurant advertisement, the word ‘Finger Lickin’ will be found blurred.

Her popular slogan will no longer appear in the advertisement of fast food restaurant KFC. He has announced to temporarily suspend the use of the slogan. Significantly, KFC has been using the word ‘Finger Lickin’ Good ‘for six decades in advertising.

KFC replaced six decade old slogan

The statement said, “KFC believes that its use in the Corona era is not correct.” Therefore, it has been decided to change the slogan that was part of the campaign for six decades. He told that when the world is facing the corona virus epidemic, then its slogan does not fit in the present situation. Instead, the focus will be on the change in the new advertisement of fast food restaurants. Acknowledging the need for a temporary change, KFC has released a new poster of the advertisement. The word ‘Finger Lickin’ has been blurred in the promotional material.

Verdict due to an epidemic spread from Corona

A KFC official said, “Even though we are temporarily stopping our slogans, customers are assured that its food items are not going to change. With the slogan that has settled in the public’s memory at the end of the epidemic We will come back again. ” Let us tell you that after the corona virus epidemic, KFC faced criticism due to advertising. In Montaz people were shown to be irresponsible when they were shown thumb sucking. People were complaining that during the time of the epidemic, the advertisement is proving to be promoting the spread of Corona virus infection.

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