Know the interesting story of Google’s beginning, for the first time such an entry was found in the dictionary

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Google has become your friend, you have become involved in your life in such a way that you cannot even imagine your everyday work without it.

Search Engine (Google) has become a friend of all of you, has become involved in your life in such a way that you cannot imagine your everyday work without him. Now it has become alright that whether it is Teachers’ Day or Guru Purnima people also make ‘Google Guru’ in messages sent to each other or in social media posts. Today is Google’s birthday, this is a special occasion, when you know some interesting things about Google-

This is how Google’s idea came

Do you know that Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were not old friends and met by chance. 22-year-old Larry Page came to Michigan University with a computer engineering degree to do his PhD at Stanford University, then Sergey Brin, who was already doing PhD there, was tasked to show him the campus, that is 1995. Both of them became friends and the idea of ​​Google came out

Initially Google was named Bacarb. Then both of them had joined hands for the concept of web crawler Bacarb. Because then he was working on Stanford servers for the first 1 year, which was spending a lot of bandwidth.

Why kept this name?

On 15 September 1997, he replaced Google with a new title domain name. Actually, this is a deliberate abortion or twist of the word Googol. Googol is a mathematical term represented by a digit, followed by 100 zeros i.e. immense data. People used to think that they had mistakenly spelled it wrong, but it was done intentionally.

First google doodle

Google writes in a creative way by linking the word Google itself to honor a great man on different occasions on his homepage, or to honor or celebrate a special occasion or festival. It is called doodle. Google’s first doodle was associated with the Burning Man Festival. The year 1986 began celebrating the Burning Man Festival in San Francisco, the first doodle associated with it was created on Google.

In 1998, the first search engine office was set up in Google’s first marketing manager’s garage. Today she is the CEO of Women YouTube.

Chosen launch day

Google had chosen the day of April 1 for the launch of G-mail. When it was decided that Google would start its mailing service on 1 April 2004, people all over the world considered it fake news. Today, crores of people use it.

Meaning of Google in Dictionary

Google was never involved in any dictionary, but today words such as Google Do or Do Googleing are being used in the context of searching. Google was first used in Verb’s form in a TV show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ that aired on 15 October 2002.

When the Google image search system was launched in 2001, Google officials were surprised, the entire 250 million people saw this feature on the first day.

Google Public Limited was formed in 2004 and Google sold its stock of 19,605,052 shares for $ 85 a share. The total value of the company was estimated at $ 27 billion, which was equal to the price of General Motors at that time.

In 2006, Google provided free WiFi to the entire city, where Google’s headquarters is located in the city of California, ie Mountain View.

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