New mysterious corona spreading in Vietnam after being perfect for 100 days

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When the whole world was struggling with the coronavirus epidemic. Then there was not a single corona case in Vietnam for more than 100 days. Neither died. Nor did any local transmission case come up. But for the last one week, mysterious infection of Corona virus has been spreading in Vietnam. Doctors and scientists from Vietnam and around the world are worried about it.

The first case came from Danang, Vietnam. Here a 57-year-old man became ill with the new Kovid-19 infection. He was placed on the life support system. Suddenly, reports of such cases started coming in five hospitals of the country.

In a week, the infection of this new coronavirus captured Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and two states. Even in remote mountainous regions of Vietnam, cases of this new mysterious coronavirus infection are coming.

So far, about 450 people have fallen ill due to this new mysterious coronavirus. However, the government of Vietnam is saying that it has made a lot of efforts to stop this new virus. Not only Vietnam, Japan, China, Australia and South Korea also saw an increase in coronavirus cases on Wednesday, July 29 Went. On Wednesday, 295 new cases were reported in Australia’s Victoria province. However, 9 people were killed.

There were fewer cases of corona virus in Hong Kong for several months, but like Vietnam there too, 100 people fell ill in a day due to the new wave of corona virus. Hong Kong officials said that now we have stood on the cusp of a large-scale community transition.

However, in Vietnam where 9.5 million people live, there was not a single death due to coronavirus. But now the condition of people is getting worse due to this new corona virus. Scientists and doctors are very upset. Because the new infection looks more dangerous than the old one.

Vietnam has sent about 80 thousand domestic tourists back to their city. The city airport has been closed after several cases of new coronavirus infection in Danang’s hospitals.

Given the spread of the new and mysterious Coronavirus, the government of Vietnam is preparing to take a decision on the stringent restrictions. It is possible that the lockdown will be re-imposed in many states and cities of Vietnam soon.

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